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  • Otessa Regina Compton

    Gorgeous chunk of property, I hope they decorate it in all tropical colors, and really give it some punch and speech. GO FOR IT!!!

  • mak

    Le Petit Trianon it ain’t.

  • Brian

    This doesn’t look any more like Le Petit Trianon than I do. And no, it doesn’t remotely resemble Le Grand Trianon either. What it does resemble are other mega mansions designed without any sense of mass or scale.

  • mac22

    well the renderings dont look half bad so at this point it has some hope, but why use the Petit Trianon as a reference when it has nothing to do with that style, scale, design, taste level or period at all? funny things is most realtors and buyers will not be the wiser.

    • Eric2

      Don’t you know Mac? Allll the COOL kids are using Petit Trianon for THIER Mansions these days! It’s the COOL thing to do!
      Oh Phoenix, why must my hometown so let me down?

      Eric the Architecture Curmudgeon.

  • Daniel

    I’ll wait to judge the final product.

  • The Dilettante

    “inspired by Le Petit Trianon”? wtf???

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