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  • Grrrowler

    I totally love it. Yeah, I’d change some of the furnishings, but the house itself is drop-dead gorgeous.

  • Daniel

    Probably one of the best values for the money we’ve seen in a while. If you told me this was a $30 million Greenwich estate I’d believe you. A lovely home.

  • Mak

    Loving it too! Understated classicism.

    The only thing I don’t like is the endless concrete slab driveway.

    • Brian

      Good catch. You’d save enough on the purchase price to justify replacing with Belgian block.

  • Jason

    this is beautiful all around. French Norman houses are the height of true understated elegance. I have come to really appreciate how this style seems to manage elegance, restraint and wealth in one fell swoop.

    Oddities are:
    -compromised kitchen- the columns are probably a structural compromise but lose the “stone” look beams above. perhaps wood covers.
    -furnishings are drab and boring, but this is cheese and milk country.
    -the floating sinks in the master bath are odd. they seem to make the 3 step climb into the tub area seem like a K2 hike.
    -The master spa area, I love love love the marble lined walls but it became overkill when they painted the handkerchief ceiling. it’s just too many stand-out elements.

  • Jason
  • rob

    Beautiful home. The coloring on the exterior is perfect for this style. Nicely grand yet understated. Nice proportions on the rooms. All the finishes are quality without being over the top. Love this house.

  • Bill_in_NY

    This made it onto “My Top Ten” list.
    It’s a pity the winters are just too freakin’ cold.

  • Eric2

    Oh WOW!
    This truly took my breath away! Stunning is an understatement here…

    As a fan of Historical houses and buildings, this one is a real beauty. I usually love symmetrical architecture, but this one, with it’s wild ever changing face, stirs a deep finds in me. It goes on and on and really has a quirky charming feel to it.

    The interior is gorgeous, ‘Bland’ is not a bad thing, and the somewhat restrained decorating is something I actually approve of ((again this IS Wisconsin)) SO much of the original detail seems to have been either kept or restored.
    -Rich Dark Wood paneling and carvings
    -Wonderful stone and tile floors
    -Painted walls that AREN’T an eye sore.

    there is really so much to love here I could go on and on. Each room on the listing page I see ((And thank you SO much for that page Jason)) is gorgeous. I keep looking for things I DON’T like and it is hard!

    Some changes I WOULD Make hover…
    The HUGE Conservatory (love it so much) is begging for a Hot tub, but not sure where to put it. And I could do without the naked babies in the circular breakfast room.

    • Eric2

      OH! One other thing… As always, it is a crying shame there are no floor plans on any of the listing sites. So many interior pics, and nothing to show how they all tie together.

      • Bill_in_NY


  • Barney


    This, my friends, is an IMPECCABLY done AND PERIOD-CORRECT updated and authentic French home. The fact that the house is so appropriately and subtly renovated and decorated is the key to why it shows so gorgeously. Every moron billionaire that attempts to build a “French” monstrosity in Southern California should look to this home as the template.

  • Venom

    Fantastic home, just beautiful, like an old Grosse Pointe mansion. The price is really good. The only thing I would change is to remove the columns from the kitchen and that is it.

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