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  • rob

    So over the top, I might like it. I have to think about it. I do like the blue marble columns in the foyer. Nice contrast. All the new furniture looks odd for this style. Have to think about this one.

    • Jason

      you have to think about it? This is quite possibly the worst mansion posted in the last month. If it had been posted on Xmas Eve it would have ruined Xmas for everyone on here.

      • Teddi

        Ain’t that the truth. Painful is too mild a word for this.

  • Daniel

    You have fake plants, a double staircase, cheap statues, fake lamps, fake fountain, murals that don’t make sense, a Barcalounger, a faux-french chair, and 8″ tile…ALL IN THE SAME FREAKING ROOM. Blow it up.

    • Jason

      thank you for having the sense to know what a horrible mess of faux, cheap, tacky and tastelessness is. I am embarrassed to know this beast is less than 35 miles from me. I can’t possibly believe the owner put that all together and thought it looked remotely good. I might have to drive up there and offer the family my design services. I’ll take the new Wal-Mart Home Collection with me and still make it look better than it is now.

  • dan

    Please don’t blow it up! Give it to me. I love it! Two story library, beautiful marble floors. Just the game room sucks.

    • Jason

      we promise not to blow it up if you live in New Jersey or Arizona and we can pack it up and ship it to you post haste.

  • Venom

    I am in Plano right now, but this is not even worth my time going by to see, it is awful. There are some really nice homes inside the subdivision though that are just gorgeous though, especially around the water near the Preston Rd entrance, east of this house. Really gorgeous homes in there, just not a lot of land.

    • Jason

      Just wondering where you are visiting from Venom? For some reason I have always been curious.

  • Jason

    designed by Larry Boerder??? http://www.larryboerder.com. I can’t believe this is possible. I have driven by this house and found it one of the nicer Willow Bend houses from the street, but Larry Boerder? either this was an off work, a learning project or the current owners have raped and beaten this house into the mess you now see. I’ll have to investigate.

  • Matt

    I always loved driving by this house and wandering what the interior looked like… Ill forget i ever saw these pictures and just imagine again. This is one of the best neighborhoods in north Texas. I love most of the houses, and it is one of the best decorated areas at Christmas time 🙂

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