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  • Marko

    Somewhat larger photos are in The Daily Mail:


    Looks very Landry. But better than in the renderings. The glorious California sun does wonders.

    • Kenny Forder

      Thanks! This is exactly my type of house! I like it even more than the Stone Mansion :-O

      • Marko

        I’m glad you like it, Kenny!

        However, looking at it a bit closely, I find that without that north-eastern wing, where the garages and whatever else is, it wouldn’t look good.

        Daniel, it kind of reminds me a lot of Gisele and Tom’s house, but I see faint echo’s of that now ancient Saban residence not far from Mark’s house, now matter what Landry said in The Hollywood Reporter (no house looks like any of the previous ones – even Gisele’s reminds me of the Tom Gores 45,000 ft² monster). I wonder why Mark had to save money on the gym house / pool house and put tin roof instead of “Vermont slate”.

        • Daniel

          Probably copper not tin. I actually like the idea of having a different roof material on the guest/pool house. Adds a bit of variety to the design.

          • Marko

            That might indeed be the case. I’m sure they used a special type of copper which won’t turn into that lovely but here unacceptable verdigris.

            I liked Biglin’s proposition better.

            The renderings and the landscaping look great. One of the rarer instances that an Italian Renaissance-style villa doesn’t look like an awful mock-Med. Oh, well, some other time.

      • WrteStufLA

        Gosh, Kenny, I didn’t you could possibly love another house more than the Stone Mansion!

        • Kenny Forder

          I know I know haha. I mean, they’re both two different styles, but this one just seems more grand and elaborate.

  • Daniel

    As Marko said, very reminiscent of other Landry designs. But I love it.

  • Marko

    P. S. Kenny, another Beverly Park mansion is finished, perhaps you will want to feature it on your web-site:


    You will recognize it immediately.

    • Jason

      I like this house. It’s a little rigid, but otherwise nice. The stone window trim is divine.

  • Marko

    The plans you mention they bought with the house were by Biglin Group, at least one online source says so:


  • Teddi

    This is interesting. His other mansion built by the Landry group as well looks very similar to this. I guess he needed more space??? Well, I rather liked the other one so I will probably like the end result on this one as well.

  • Jason

    two things:

    -I’m surprised Mark Walhberg would want such a classically designed house. I suppose when you come from South BOston, this is what you aspire to. Not that it’s bad, but he’s not one I’d picture in this stately house.

    -this is one of the few Landry mega designs that I think I could like. It’s not perfect. there’s a lot of overwrought massing, but the subtle stonework detail is pretty well done. It could turn out nicely- overall.

    • Marko

      Jason, what do you mean specifically by overwrought massing?

      Is the stone real, natural stone or pre-cast concrete made to look like stone?

      • Jason

        the carved details appear to be rendered in natural, cut and carved limestone. There is no telling though- with the quality and size of the pics.

        what I mean by “overwrought massing” is the way Landry pushes and pulls back the façade and window projections in order to add more “detail” and “interest” to the overall façade. Just like the commentary you posted –
        ” The facades serve a purpose but it is only to instill in the viewer a self-satisfaction of wealth and taste, though faux.” It’s all highly unnecessary- but when you have little taste, you seem to think more is always more. I do feel Landry gets panned resoundingly, but he has seem to have sold out to a certain crowd that falls in the “little to no taste” category. It’s all ego and impressing oneself and others. I’m sure that it’s lucrative for him, but he’ll forever be a joke in the pantheon of LA’s residential architecture history.

        I know some of us here are hard on most of the houses- some that others might sell their right leg for- but it’s because we have an architectural knowledge or historical knowledge and just want others to understand what separates the good from the bad and the few that are greats. 3 or so years ago I might have wet myself over Landry’s work, but I have immersed myself in learning the subject and hope to one day contribute to the design and construction of fine homes here in Dallas and beyond.

        • Marko

          Thank you so much, Jason – this is precisely why I asked you about your previous comment: to illustrate architecturally, and not just in a passing-by, superficial “I hate it” comment, why this house isn’t what it tries to be. As for the stone, I don’t know, Finton says he loves natural materials, but if this pops up on a pre-cast-stone firm’s website, we’ll know soon enough.

  • Marko

    I am reminded of two comments from Curbed:

    Landy’s work is not Architecture. The dormers serve no purpose other than decorating the roof. The roofs serve no purpose other than decorating the facades. The facades serve a purpose but it is only to instill in the viewer a self-satisfaction of wealth and taste, though faux.

    IMO, Landry is one of the worst megamansion architects out there in terms of quality design. One example is that humongous spec-built French chateau he designed in Beverly Park a few years back (the address escapes me, but it’s directly across from Denzel’s palace) which is an abomination. The house itself is far too massive for its lot; he had to literally turn it sideways just to get it to fit. Then it has silliness like a “library” with no place for books, etc. Or what about Keyshawn Johnson’s Landry-designed Calabasas manse? And there are many others.

    Never met the man, but his designs show a complete lack of taste and a very odd sense of proportion.

    Something in them can be applied to the house at hand: everything is fake. The materials used don’t correspond to neither the style nor the era the house is trying to evoke. Where on earth did you see a château in France framed in wood? With pre-cast stone instead of real limestone from a quarry? I am sure an art historian would be appalled at the decoration of the facade, which is probably from no period at all. Everything seems French, but can’t be farther away from France. And Richard Landry is Canadian, so he should know a thing a two about France.

    Secondly, Emma’s comment. OK, he didn’t have to turn this house sideways to fit it on a lot. But it sure planning-was looks so slapdash, ad hoc and random. The way he divided the backyard into two is just so arbitrary and shows no influence of the French school of symmetry in landscaping. Biglin did a better job.

  • Venom

    Seems like after all these years, someone still has an inferiority complex and a chip on his shoulder. If you need me I will be in Greenwich, CT, where they build proper mansions and estates.

    • Marko

      Many have noted that Mark will probably have to sell this house a few years down the road. Even though he is very rich right now, and has multple acting, producing, directing projects around, the costs of this kind of house upkeep are huge.

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same happening to Gisele’s house.

      We shall see. Such houses usually have huge asking prices and sell for a lot less.

      • Venom

        Yeah, honestly I don’t think he is rich enough to own and maintain this kind of home, plus I assume he has something pretty large and expensive in Boston also, you know got to show your hometown and your buddies you made it. He is headed for disaster which is fine by my, he is kind of an a-hole.

        • Marko

          You’ve mentioned Greenwich, CT: do you have a toppp tenn of the mansions in that area?

  • Chris

    It looks like Tom and Gisele’s.

  • jackrabbitjb

    Not bad.

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