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  • Daniel

    1)$70 million and (from the looks of it) not a single outdoor space? The former Weil penthouse is looking like a steal.

    2) Looks nice.

  • Marko

    Kenny, is everything right with the comments?

    • Kenny Forder

      What’s happening?

  • Marko

    Oh, it seems it is.

    But something is wrong with the Mark Wahlberg posting, there, it seems, that they don’t.


  • Barney

    Could NOT POSSIBLY AGREE WITH YOU MORE on point #1, Dan. And unbelievably enough, even on the Brown-Harris-Stevens website (the listing firm) the Agent DOES NOT even have the floorplan like every other firm in Manhattan does!!! And a whole EIGHT pictures for a 70 mil dollar listing?!? Obviously they don’t want ALL the peasants to be allowed even a semi-thorough glimpse into the Gods & Godess’s palaces! The place is the requisite very nicely done, but not even a hint of a hint of interest, color, depth, style or originality. And the fact that (again) a 70 MILLION DOLLAR property was shown COMPLETELY EMPTY when AT LEAST the living room should have absolutely been IMPECCABLY staged from floor to ceiling is unforgivable. And the Agent, Paula Del Nunzio—a Superstar in the uber luxury market in Manhattan for years—could’ve have INCREDIBLY easily paid for it and should have, without a doubt.

  • Marko

    Everything’s working. It seems the site filters some words and won’t allow posts if they contain them. Perhaps…

  • Grrrowler

    Considering how people with more money than they know what to do with are falling over themselves to live at 15 CPW, I guess the insane asking price makes sense. Anyone with any sense could do MUCH better than that elsewhere in NYC, for half that price.

    To prove that point, there’s condo number 2. It’s gorgeous (or will be with some art and personalization put into place), not to mention bigger, and on the (preferred by me at least) east side.

  • Venom

    Meh, I just came back from spending a week in Manhattan and I was not impressed, I have no idea why anyone would want to live in NYC. Visit for a short period and then leave, but living there, nah. I thought Central Park was a little dumpy to be honest. I have a property on a Top 100 golf course and it is vastly superior to Central Park. You want beauty, now rural Pennsylvania out by Penn State is gorgeous and also the Poconos.

    I do understand though why people pay these idiotic prices to live out there though for the views of Central Park, there is nothing else. You have a limited amount of buildings with these views, so naturally there will be competition to buy them and if I lived and worked out there I would probably buy one too, because between the traffic and the time it takes to get around by train, it is worth it to live out there.

    I was truly impressed with how the ultra wealthy out there pawned off their dogs to the dog walkers, pawned off their kids to the drivers and the super rich kids that were forced to skateboard around the sidewalks of their buildings because they had nowhere else to do it. The MET was truly awesome though, well worth it, avoid the crap that is The Guggenheim like the plague.

    • Grrrowler

      I, on the other hand, would love to live in NYC. It’s not that I think small apartments with eight and nine-figure price tags is rational, but I see the value of having almost anything imaginable practically at your doorstep. That said, I’d only want to live in NYC if I didn’t need to work.

      As for the museums, The Met is indeed spectacular. The Guggenheim can have some amazing temporary exhibits, but it’s good luck or bad depending on when you’re there. The Cloisters is amazing (even though it’s schlep up there), and The Frick has some incredible things, especially if you like mansion architecture.

    • Daniel

      Your last sentence could not be more accurate. I visited NYC for the first time this past Labor Day Weekend, and was astonished at how vast the Met was. Loved the period rooms collection. On the other hand, my friend and I walked through the Guggenheim in half an hour. Utter garbage. Did they still have the stupid “art” installation that focused on a light in the corner of the wall?

      • Venom

        I can’t recall, I was too pissed off that I spent $22 to see scribblings and nonsense on whiteboards. There was a giant one that had “FO” above and then “OL” below it which is exactly how I felt, along with some other vulgar ones. Some artist called Christopher Wool was being featured when I was there. I don’t think I was there for a half hour, with the Met, I had to be there at least 3-4 hours and I am still not sure I saw it all. I had the best hot dog of my life in front of the steps of the Met too, a grilled Sabrett’s hot dog with just red sauce from the disabled veteran guy, it was simple and amazing.

  • Teddi

    I swear these prices are just there to piss me off. The apartment itself is worth a very tiny fraction of that listing price, which means you’re paying tens of millions of dollars simply for the location. It’s absurd. $70M for 6000sf and apparently no outdoor living space. Yes, I know it’s NYC and I know it’s CPW, but enough already. All I have to do it picture what $70M will get you in any other zip code in the US, including other well-heeled areas of NY and that’s enough for me to wonder at the disposable income of anyone who could and would buy this place for this type of money. Didn’t we see some gorgeous NYC townhouses for less than this?

    • ML1

      You are failing to see the beauty in the eye of the beholder. First, this is a condo. World class titans or famous people who don’t want (or can’t get admitted to) 740 park ave, or don’t want pre-war and want the most modern amenities, have chosen this. (Co-ops are essentially exclusive fraternities). For example, Lloyd Blankfien grew up jn a housing project. Denzel, A-Rod, Bob Costas and the Russian Billionaires aren’t getting into a blue blood east side co-op. In NYC regular people don’t fall down because you are rich or famous. They may even accuse you of bullying or making you buy into their pet projects for the building. Therefore it can be advantageous to live in the most appropriately exclusive address you can afford that gives them freedom, privacy, respect and amenities. When lots of rich people do that, you have listings like this. And there is a term for that – limousine liberal. If you’re conservative, your main house is probably somewhere near Greenwich CT. If you’re a tea partier, you have an unassuming condo somewhere to crash during the week, but you really live in Texas.

      Second, this is their NYC home. They’re not choosing between a suburban golf course house somewhere. They have the most exclusive homes in the most exclusive areas already which are highly opulent (Hamptons in Long Island, Malibu, etc). They only live in their main home at most 50% of their life, as a jet setter can be anywhere within 5 hours at the private airport (just a small nap away). The buzz of NYC keeps you fresh, and the grind doesn’t get you down – because you are gone every other weekend somewhere far away. So the either / or decision does not exist – they buy all of them.

      Third, NYC is Rome, the center of the universe as far as we know it. You need exclusivity and but still want everyday people around you in the most diverse city that has ever existed in the history of the world to amuse you. You can’t get that anywhere else, period. Well, France maybe, but they visit there a ton anyway and their yacht makes regular stops in Cannes.

      Botom line is if you don’t believe you were meant to live amongst the best of the best, you’re probably much better off somewhere else. And there is a place for everyone in this town – not just for titans of industry – the best fiction writers (Park Slope) super low key cool Actors (Boerum Hill) Hipsters (Williamsburg) Blue Blood libs (Upper East Side) Gay (Chelsea) well the list could go on….

      But if your blog is you can’t deny that NYC is about ego not about the physical amenities. Its a seat at the table of high liberal society.

  • rob

    This is just getting ridiculous. It isn’t even about the apartments anymore, it is about who is swinging the biggest d*ck. You can live so well in NYC for much less than these pretentious addresses. These prices are becoming a joke.


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