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  • Brian

    Can anyone explain why Australian mansion architecture has degenerated from world class level during the 19th century to the dreck they’re creating today? I am starting to get mad every time I see Australia in the heading….

  • Daniel

    Echoing Brian’s statement, I really want to know what qualifies as superb Australian architecture. Everything looks dated, is oddly proportioned, uses a conglomeration of several styles, etc. Hate it.

  • Grrrowler

    It’s already been said, but I’ll echo the sentiment about the terrible architecture that seems to common with large Australian houses. Looking at Kardella Street in street view, it’s lined with terrible houses like this. Color me unimpressed.

  • Ron

    We the people want to deport all these American architects who have migrated to Australia but what can we do? 😉

  • Al Robinson

    After all these years of looking at mansions, I guess I just haven’t developed the “eye” to tell if something like this is ugly and wrong. To me, honestly, I like it. I actually like it a lot. I like the open spaces.

  • Brian

    L has demonstrated that often/usually Victorian was well done (as I mentioned) and some modern mansions as well. But the bigger and newer they are, the worser they get. But Australia does have stellar mansions, I will freely admit.

  • Chris Kohler

    Do all the rich people in Australia live in the same street or how come that apparently every Australian mansion featured here is located in that “Kardella Street”?

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