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  • Eric2

    Oh ye gods!
    Kenny why must yes torment us so!

    First the eyesore from Northumberland, and now THIS!
    This house, it’s, it’s al just so MODERN!!!

    Those shopping mall guard rails!
    The terrible eye fixtures.
    The “Moat” around the house
    And the glass Bathrooms with NO Privacy what so ever! I mean seriously.. in pic 32 of the listing there is just a random tub in the middle of what looks like an attic rec room! When did people seem to Stop wanting to have privacy when going around naked and covered in water?

  • Daniel

    Nothing says warmth and welcome like a complete lack of landscaping.

  • Grrrowler

    It has all the charm and character I’ve come to expect from a newly-built English mansion.

  • Brian

    defiantly loathsome… It’s depressing how badly British domestic architecture has degenerated in the last century. Almost every single aspect of this monstrosity is just wrong.

  • rob

    These mood swings are killing me. We go from over the top Russian to boring bland English and back again. This house is nothing.

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