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  • Daniel

    I hope the person that sits in front of the dining room fireplace is as bald as a bowling ball.

    Question. Why did the homeowners build something so large? It looks like they could have fit all the “amenities” in something half the size. Then they could have at least had money left over for some decent landscaping. Perfect definition of a white elephant. Fire up the bulldozers!

  • Rob

    There is absolutely nothing attractive about this house. It looks like someone TRIED to build the ugliest house possible and furnish it at Goodwill.

    • Tony

      Your furnish it at Goodwill comment is priceless lol!

  • Matt

    I actually like the Library room. It is very homey and comfortable looking.

  • Al Robinson

    I don’t have as much negative things to say. I don’t know. I just don’t feel it’s all that bad. I do agree it’s too big for it’s own vision, and could have been smaller.

    But that kitchen!! For a place so BIG, that kitchen should be WAY more everything. It looks bland and frankly, depressed.

  • Grant

    I actually really like this home…. the interior that is. It’s not over the top and it looks very comfortable and homey. If you look at the Zillow listing you can tell that it is definitely a family-friendly place, with lots of cool little details and extras. However, the exterior is sinful and the lack of landscaping is a huge no no.

  • Tony

    This house is a hideous monstrosity. It reminds me of Dean Gardens. Its just a big ugly hot mess! It has a big ugly weird exterior. The inside is just a big ugly cheap looking monstrosity. The foyer is weird and all those mirrors in the foyer is strange. It has weird fireplaces that are set real high in the wall which reminds me of that French palace kenny featured a while back. The French palace was amazing but it had weird fireplaces set high in the wall like this but it was done in a much better way though than this house. This is hideous.

  • Pam

    I love this house. I think it’s absolutely beautiful and one of my favorite authors owns it.

  • Jason

    WOW oh WOW! so a few post ago I extoled the virtues of Georgian architects (Atlanta, specifically) and BAM! this mess of a house gets featured. Someone from Mississippi had to have been brought in to design this. Or someone with about 0-ZERO-0 talent in residential design. The owners might not want to invite me over- I might shart from trying so hard to contain my unabashed laughter at how awful this whole thing is.

    My apologies to anyone who remotely like any part of this man made disaster.

  • Barney

    This “house” is…..


    TRULY HIDEOUS as defined by ANY language on earth known to man.

    A NUCLEAR-POWERED, GLOW-IN-THE-DARK, FLOURESCENT and ETERNAL SHRINE to the owner’s PAINFULLY OBVIOUS micro sense of self-esteem or much more likely, they’re GROTESQUELY GARGANTUAN SENSE of self-importance as witnessed by a MONSTROSITY so far beyond any semi-semi-semi-realistic need or use as to take ANY persons’ breath away.

    Hate to break it to the Seller, but building a OBSCENELY HUGE FOURTY-SEVEN-THOUSAND square foot 747 HANGER that they’re trying to actually market as a single family “home” (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) will NEVERRRR make you more beautiful, healthy, live longer, make more people think you’re important, GAIN YOU MORE RESPECT, get rid of crows feet, make your boobs or penis bigger or, Or, OR!

    To end, consider this…….”The RICHEST, MOST POWERFUL, MOST FAMOUS, MOST BEAUTIFUL/HANDSOME, MOST TALENTED OR SUCCESSFUL people on the planet NEVERRRR had to DO OR SAY ONE SINGLE THING to let you know it”. This monstrosity is the ANTITHESIS of exactly that.

    • Jason

      not much to say, huh??

      • Barney

        Naw, not much 🙂 I’m, at times, the HUGE thorn in all RIDICULOUSLY OVER-SIZED Mansions’ “roses”. I begrudge NO one what ever they want to do with their money, but that has never/never does and never will change the fact that “houses” like these are VILE at best. I’m embarrassed for the human race at such incomprehensible greed, ego and materialism. An apartment, say 1,000 square feet, decorated CORRECTLY with genuinely impeccable finishes, furniture, art & accessories ANY where in this world would be infinitely more sophisticated, classy, glamorous & refined than ANY “single family home” of this psychotic size, EVER.

        • Jason


  • mac22

    Flight attendant, I need a barf bag pronto.

  • Venom

    This needs to have Miley Cyrus’s wrecking ball hit it ASAP.

  • Kaye Mero

    Such negativism. Such severe judging. So unfortunate.

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