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  • Al Robinson

    I Know, I Know… It’s Australia, and Australia is having a bad go of it on Homes of the Rich lately, BUT… I LOVE it!! I love the minimalist feeling to it. The white is just so right. That pool looks amazing, and that spectacular kitchen. 🙂
    The only objection is that ugly bathroom.

  • Lucas

    I always feel a sense of dread when seeing ‘Queensland’ on this site. The state is a poor example of our country’s architecture, and would make foreigners think us much more obsessed with gaudiness than we actually are.

  • Lucas

    I also like the fact the owner has a $100,000+ basement garage and keeps only a base model E-series and Peugeot 207 in it (though I note other cars simply could have been removed for security and photography’s sake).

  • Daniel

    It’s not bad but the interior spaces feel more like a condo than a home.

  • Grrrowler

    The exterior is very interesting, in a good way. On first glance, the back reminds me of something from Laguna Beach. The pool and pond by the entry way are very nice. I’m not fond of the interior furnishings, but beyond that there’s nothing particularly bad I can find about it. But, it just doesn’t excite me.

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