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  • Daniel
    • L

      Maybe it’s the photos, but that home does nothing for me. Looks bloated, cluttered and ugly.

  • Al Robinson

    See, now this is what a tropical mansion should look like. Plenty of open air space. This rich warm colors blended with the white walls is a nice touch.

    If you want to find it using Google Earth, first search just Isle of Capri, Queensland, Australia. Then, search just 57 The Corso. It’ll bring you to the mansion.

    Google Earth has it officially listed as 57 The Corso, Surfers Parade, QLD 4217, Australia.

    Weird, I know!

  • Andrew

    The attrium was so massive apparently it left no room for the kitchen – just look at the picture, I’ve seen bachelor studios with larger areas devoted to cooking than this!

    • Teddi

      Silly me. I assumed it was some kind of bar area. I wouldn’t have guessed that tiny space was the kitchen. What were they thinking? They made multiple dining and entertainment areas and no real place to prepare the food. Not well thought out, or it was built by people who never EVER cook.

  • Teddi

    I love the indoor/outdoor aspect and the entire tropical vibe. Most places don’t pull that off well. I will admit that I don’t particularly like this house. Some areas make no sense (like that teeny tiny kitchen) and some areas seem really incongruous to others. That living room area by the 3 sided fireplace doesn’t fit. The furniture, the rug, even the white walls, it all seems like a boring 2002 timeshare. Keep looking at different rooms and there doesn’t seem to be a meeting of the minds between one vision and the rest of the house. I keep coming back to that unbelievably small and ugly kitchen. REALLY?

    Seems as if they had a really spectacular idea and once they implemented it they didn’t really know what to do with the rest of the house. Even though the atrium/lanai/floating dining room isn’t something I would build for myself, I do appreciate the uniqueness of it and how well it was executed. I definitely appreciate the WOW factor that goes along with it. I love disappearing glass walls in concept but I think it would lose it’s glamor for me once the first bug or snake or critter entered the house.

    I will say this is a MUCH better house than the recent Australian monstrosities we’ve seen on this site. Kudos for that alone.

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