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  • Daniel

    Ummm. The exterior doesn’t look finished. Front looks like it is missing an entire wall. Interior is crap.

  • Grrrowler

    It gets points for not being slathered in gilding. But, it looks like something Hansel and Gretel might have built if they grew up to be nouveau riche. With a little work, the exterior could be pretty cool, at least for a house in the woods somewhere. The interior is a mess.

    I don’t understand putting a bench that no one will ever use near the driveway; it looks like there’s a bus stop in the front yard.

  • rob

    I like it. I always wondered if you could hire the Disney Imagineers to design a private house.

  • Sam

    not. good…

  • Eric2

    I feel out of place because I surprisingly LIKE the slightly Asian inspired interior of the building.
    Not so sure about the exterior. But as a business retreat style place I think it actually works.

  • Venom

    I kind of like it, it is quirky.

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