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  • Daniel

    My my my. First we have a Russian mansion that isn’t a complete abomination, and then an Australian home that is actually nice, if a bit too grey.

    • Clark.

      There are plenty of nice houses in australia, there just not 20,000sqft. Ive sent kenny two stunning australian properties, one around 14,000 and the other on sydney harbour around 10,000 sqft and they have yet to be posted. australia gets a bad rep from hotr because you all are so size-obsessed and houeses in australia over 20,000sqft tend to be cheaply made and poorly designed, because the megalomaniacs Who build them cant afford them, those with true money prefer Quality over quantity, the same is no different down under.

      Hotr has jumped the shark.

      • Lucas

        It’s what I’ve been saying all along. :p I think some of the best homes in Aus is actually around Flinders, Red Hill, Portsea etc near my home on the Mornington Peninsula. It’s where a lot of moneyed citizens build their tasteful holiday homes (since there’s no room to do so in their primary residences in Melbourne) on large blocks of land (no McMansions, yay).

  • Mak

    I think they call this the 50 Shades of Grey Estate.

  • Grrrowler

    I sorta like it. Yeah, there is way too much grey, but the house itself is somewhat interesting. I like that the master bedroom is off in its own wing.

  • rob

    Very calming house. Really nicely sited. I am normally not a fan of this much beige and grey, but here it works. Love the vineyard behind the house. Has a real modern, efficient, calm feel to it. Looks isolated enough to be a real estate.

  • Andrew

    Fantastic, absolutely beautiful – there’s nothing I would change about this home. Yes, it’s a home not a mansion, actually it is pretty small by HOTR standards, but it has something more important than size: class! Sadly, the idea that bigger isn’t always better is almost impossible to explain to Americans…

    Anyway, if you visit the listing, don’t miss the video clip showing a lot more detail of what is for my money the best home I’ve ever seen on this site!

    • Grrrowler

      I will go on record saying that I prefer a smaller house. Details are what matter to me, not square footage, and I am no fan of the monstrous giga-mansions that come up now and then. A house with tens of thousands of square feet but no uniqueness doesn’t impress me.

  • Venom

    Beautiful home.

  • Killane

    This is really lovely. A place to relax and be utterly comfortable. The decor is not really to my taste but it tasteful and well-executed. Practically perfect in every way.


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