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  • Grrrowler

    The exterior has a solid Disneyland feel to it, right down the lamppost next to the drive. But, I sort of like it. It’s so quirky that I find it interesting. The interior, at least what we can see, isn’t slathered in gold, and that’s a nice change. The shirtless hunk holding up the ceiling in picture 2 is a nice touch. Although, I’m afraid that looking at him every day might make me feel inadequate.

  • Daniel

    By far the best house I’ve seen from Russia. Definitely Disney inspired but with subdued furnishings it could be halfway decent.

  • Sam

    Looks like a tiny cheap version of Biltmore…

  • rob

    Looks like Draculas castle. Gloomy and scary. I would love to see this in a thunderstorm. Booooooo……

  • mac22

    A winner from Russia for a change. No expense spared on the over the top interior details but they work here IMO. Lavish and grand

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