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  • Daniel

    Love the car collection, despise the house, especially those meringue cookie chandeliers.

  • Grrrowler

    Without the terrible upside down umbrella light fixtures, some of the spaces aren’t bad. Others are really bad. The exterior is HIDEOUS.

  • Tony

    This house looks a hot ass steaming dump of a mess!!!! I was gonna give it a chance even though I don’t usually like contemporary homes. But once I got a good look at the exterior I realized how hideous it is. That floral design on the exterior is awful and it looks feminine. I don’t think any man would buy a house with a feminine floral print all over the exterior so that cuts out half or more than half of the people eligible to buy this house. I think the exterior needs to be neutral or appeal more to a man because more men make the kind of money to buy a house like this. Whoever thought up the look of this house should be fired!

  • Jason

    well that’s something else- not a good something else, but more akin to an extraterrestrial woman’s spa from Mars. Contrary to the other comments- I like the light fixtures through out and not much else. oh, the Italian steeds are nice as is the lakeside views.

  • Bill_in_NY

    I think I’d rather look at Russian rococo.

  • Venom

    Holy crap this is bad. If by unique you mean ugly, than yes, it is. I will keep the car collection, raze the house and put up something proper there, a more traditional Texas mansion with limestone.

    I am beginning to think Enzos are not that rare because I have seen a lot of them in my life, both in person and in photos of various car collections.

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