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  • Daniel

    #4 could have been very nice if it wasn’t for that silo in the back. Why would you do that? What purpose architecturally does that serve? Terrible.

  • Grrrowler

    Numbers 1 and 3 could be lovely houses, but it’s hard to tell from the oblique view. A bird’s-eye view of a house is never its most flattering angle.

  • Sam

    I like 1, hate the rest. 2 is disgusting

  • cool dude

    the first few photos look like a Landry design house or one of those Greenwich ct architects maybe wadia, not bad its looking good

  • Jason

    1, looks promising and I would like to see follow up pics when it’s done.

    2, is garbage. aren’t there lots of trees in Kentucky?

    3, look like a proper European estate. I’d like to see more.

    4, is an absolute stunner. My partner asked me if I wanted to have a look at a house our painter friends(specialty finishes) were working on. I rolled my eyes and sighed- I wasn’t sure I wanted to trek 30 miles to Ft. Worth to see a McMansion under construction. Well after we got there, I had to pick my jaw up off the ground- the McMansion turned out to be one of two David Adler designed houses built in Texas. The other is right next door. This estate is one of the finest homes in the area, and was wrapping up reconstruction and a new wing addition. It’s every bit a 20’s era Gilded Age house that would have fit right in with Adler’s other houses in the Northern suburbs of Chicago. The “silo” is actually a parapet-ted tower that houses an oval, wood paneled library halfway up the stairs between the 1st and 2nd level. It looks great from the floor level. If anyone is familiar with Adler’s work, you’ll recognize the entry arrangement. It’s a transverse hall with black and white marble tiles set on a 45 degree axis and has groin vaulted ceilings. It seems to be a design feature he like a lot. The rest of the house is pure perfection with marble floorboards, perfectly proportioned rooms, graceful architectural features and a master bath completely lined from floor to ceiling in hand applied silver leaf paper- courtesy of my friends!

  • Eric2

    Pretty amazing that you got to actually see inside #4 Jason!
    Dont suppose you are able to convince the owner to put up pictures 😉

  • Jason

    probably not. I didn’t even meet them. I only know the money supposedly comes from the invention of some Styrofoam product.

  • Odd Andreas Sørgård

    About Mansion #3 (Pictures #9-12). The name of this castle are Fritzøehus.

  • Odd Andreas Sørgård

    About Mansion #3 (Pictures #9-12). The name of this castle are Fritzøehus.

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