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  • Eric2

    Well I am sure everyone knows how I am about Historical Properties 😉
    And once more I LOVE This one!
    16 acres for around 10mill, just up from Yonkers is not that bad considering the property.
    As is often the case with these however, I see a lot of work that the interior needs.
    There are several rooms where the wall paper is sorely indeed of updating. The Kitchen also could use an overhaul… Seriously those cab nits look like something from IKEA… SO Not suited for that house.

    A few things I love, the Third floor Rec room is a nice touch. I am sure originally that was just unfinished storage space.
    Also the outbound grounds are gorgeous. A shame there are not more photos, Id love to see inside the poorhouse, or one of the several Solariums it seems to have.

  • Jason

    beautiful house, sensational grounds and location, architecturally perfect and priced well. this is finally a house to clear our “eye palette” from the previous horrors. The interior needs some design tweaking and the Victorian light fixtures have got to go, but other than that- sensational.

  • Grrrowler

    This or something in Colts Neck? Such a difficult decision (yeah, right). I would take this in a heartbeat. It’s a true estate.

    This place is gorgeous. Yeah, the interior is very tired and needs a major refresh, but there room proportions and the details are beautiful. With a talented interior decorator, this could be simply stunning.

  • Daniel

    Lovely home, exquisite exterior.

  • Venom

    Absolutely gorgeous traditional estate. This is a proper home and the price is decent.

  • rob

    Gorgeous of course. What are the collectibles in the china cabinet in the front hallway? They look kind of aqua.


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