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  • Daniel

    Much like London mansions, Miami mansions are all starting to blend together.

  • jdubble07

    I only have minor issues… the handrails on the front steps cheapen the look, it’s only 3 steps for God’s sake. #2, the living room has that huge empty wall with framed niches — it badly needs some art in there to make it pop, otherwise the room looks un-finished. Additionally, I get very suspicious of listings that omit photos of kitchens and/or bathrooms (in this case, both). The kitchen and bathrooms are often major selling points, so what could possibly be wrong with them that the realtor wouldn’t have them included in the listing? Finally, if you notice on the Sotheby’s site, the realtor is depicting the aerial view as the home being on 2 lots with a tennis court… THAT’S THE HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET! This is one insanely sloppy agent and I honestly don’t think I’d use them when spending nearly $9M on a house. All that being said, the house is pretty nicely done.

    • Grrrowler

      That’s really funny about showing the house across the street in the listing. The description even says pie-shaped lot and then proceeds to show a square lot. I would much prefer the view from the house across the street!

  • Jason

    I only like-

    -the front entry doors

    -the foyer flooring

    -foyer balustrade

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