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  • Lonnie

    I can’t wait to read the critiques on this one. #SCANDELOUS

  • Daniel

    Melt the front door for its copper and torch the rest.

  • Ted

    no words.

  • Jason

    there are SSSOOO many things wrong with this mess of a house I don’t have the will power. My cold is kicking my butt.

    all I can say is this house is as embarrassing to New Jersey as the Mayor of Toronto is to his appointed office.

    Kenny, you might want to pack your bags- in case you’re asked to move.

  • Sam

    OH. MY. GOD… DISGUSTING! I’m assuming the “architect” (who was probably the owner) had never stepped foot in a mansion or any home of quality before designing this horrid mess. I think the house behind it in pic 1 might even be the owner’s previous house before building this pile of shit. If not, I feel so bad for the neighbors who live in that house. I wonder what went through their heads when designing and decorating this place. “Let’s cover the ENTIRE FRONT YARD in the most cheap ass pavers we can find!” or “let’s put “gold” leafed marble columns in the basement and then leave the adjacent ceiling in bare cookie-cutter plaster!” or “let’s find the most cheesy unrealistic “stone” siding and cover the ENTIRE house in it!” Wow. And some of the furniture choices they made are so disgusting I don’t even have words to describe, even without the PLASTIC COVERS. Even Disney wouldn’t use some of these design choices. This is beyond bad, this is offensive. Oh and also, if you can’t afford real gold leaf you should probably stay away from the fake stuff also.

    • Jen

      You choose to call yourself BionicWoman and then have the nerve to pass judgement on what other people like and an entire town?? Sweetheart – Karma is a bitch, keep walking around like you are a gift and it will teach you a lesson. I’ll do a good deed to make up for your hideousness today.

  • BionicWoman

    This home is located in Colonia, NJ which is a town in Woodbridge Twp.This house/property could have been so beautiful if executed with the finest materials. But coming from one of the most trashiest and inbred areas of New Jersey, I would expect no less. This is just pathetic and the owners are delusional if they think they can ask for $6 million with a straight face. They should be arrested for this travesty. I’ve got to hand if to them though, they’ve got nerve…

    • Otter

      Awful deco…vulgar. And I don’t know where BionicWoman gets off calling my hometown of Colonia trashy and inbred? Inbred?! You’re as vulgar as the decor…but that can be changed …you on the other hand? Not so much…

    • Coloniaman

      Yo Bionicbitch,Who the fuck cares what you think, EAT SHIT

    • Jerseygirl01

      And you have lived in Colonia when? Colonia is a great town – still has many of the values and neighborhood feel of the 1960’s. It’s people care about each other and regularly support fundraisers for the sick, injured/killed soldiers, and other community awareness activities. The schools have good teachers and great school spirit. Check out the Facebook pages and you will find people that have moved all over the world still reminiscing about this town. It’s a bedroom community of NYC with great options for commuting. It’s an hour from great beaches.

      If the house doesn’t suit your taste then fine – it doesn’t mine either. But let’s not take vicious pot shots at a great place to raise a family. Inbred area? Trashy? Think not. It has become a more diverse area, which reflects our society as a whole.

      And where, might I ask, where YOU raised?

  • Grrrowler

    This is just awesome. All this time I thought I’d have to go all the way to Russia to find a newly-built vomit-inducing faux-palace, only to learn that there’s one right here in my own country!

  • Teddi

    *cracks knuckles* Where to begin? Let’s start with the Seinfeld inspired doll collection in the FORMAL breakfast/family room. What. The. Hell?????

    I almost choked on my Coke when I saw the over-the-top FORMAL gilded dining room with freakin’ plastic on the chairs. Anyone else see the hilarious irony there? Even so, why not take the freakin’ plastic off the chairs for the photographs?

    I don’t know what freaked me out more, the dolls, the really unsettling floor mosaic in the foyer, the figurine collection in the dining room or (yep) the SHRINE in the living room.

    The buffet service in the BASEMENT might have been a half way decent idea if executed properly and had an option of staff or self service. The whole thing looks more like an ill-fated attempt to resurrect medieval dining halls of yore.

  • Juno

    What in gods name is this sad excuse for a mansion. Definitely nouveau riche with no sense in style whatsoever. I’m absolutely positive that the owner or whoever decided to dabble with interior designs is also behind the exterior and its awful facade, looks like a barn house glued with stones. What in the world is going on in that basement, who do they entertain and have those guests ever returned.

    The dining room…… wtf..

  • Juno

    Has anyone noticed the versace pattern and logo all over the kitchen, side tables, dining table, railings, walls…. lol.. this is just sad

  • Bill in NY

    I’ll post next week……………………after I stop laughing.

    • Teddi

      LMAO!!! I still haven’t stopped. I think it might take more than a week. I’m guessing the architect won’t be including this in his portfolio.

  • Thomas Peake

    Let me begin as past resident of Colonia. This is a wonderful town of the most endearing families one could ever come to know. A sort of Norman Rockwell picture come to life. No wear elese have I lived and visited and work as a Building Inspector have I seen with the charm as my old town. Yes I am very biased as this is a town my parents choose to raise a large family. I have been furtunate to have moved and returned to live in this incredible town. As for the above poster with a silly sounding pen name of biomic woman. It comes across to me that she has mental pains of this town that was built up from colonial times and exploded in growth in the 50’s with young couples from throughout the metropolitan Ny area as well as the melting pot of the world. As for the inbreed comment. True to her own ignorance, she must come from such a family or town herself to know the signs of such things.
    However tacky this home is from the exterior hardscaping and interior looks of a made for tv infomercial. This is the choice of those that currently have this as there home. Let me finish with this. There is an entire section in Colonia built and well known to those from Colonia called the estate section. No where else in Woodbridge township is there a setting such as this. Inbreed families you say. We truely have some affluent inbreed families that live in this town. This is still a remarkable area of the world to raise a family.

    • Venom

      Your spelling and grammar are atrocious, you are doing that town and NJ no favors. If you studied history, you would know what royal families which are naturally some of the most affluent in the world are well known for inbreeding. FYI, having money does not make someone not a crappy person.

      • Thomas Peake

        Awe , more trash from another ignorant poster.
        I Love it !
        What else do you have?

        • Venom

          It’s aww, not awe you halfwit.

  • Daniel D’Arcy

    She needs a tour. I volunteer.

    • Jen

      🙂 I’ll drive so you can point out the important parts.

  • rob

    I think this is part of a gypsy enclave. This belongs to the king gypsy of the area.

  • manbearbig

    ze goggles!! zey do nussing!!

  • Venom

    OMG WTF is this sh!t. I am literally dying over here, crying laughing. Only NJ, the home of pond scum like the Jersey Shore cast and the Real Mafia Housewives could produce such a garish, steam pile of sh!t like this. There needs to be a special section on this site for worst homes ever and I nominate this teardown for the inaugural home.

  • joe

    lol i remember when they were building this place…we used to break in drink, smoke, and party in it. What a shame what the end results were.

    As for all the colonia comments… yeah it used to be a nice neighborhood but the “trashy” part is absolutely spot on and “inbreed” isn’t far off. Trust me i grew up here and couldn’t wait to get out of that ignorant shit hole town. off to bigger and better things.

  • JerseyGirl27

    I don’t think it’s that bad if you like a lot of Gold. I wouldn’t know what to do with all that space but I could manage. They could do some good and help out some homeless families with children so they could have an environment that’s somewhat normal. I know no one wants that in their backyard,but they didn’t want to be homeless either. Just saying…

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