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  • Daniel

    $6 million for an abondoned house in Jersey. I could have a freaking French chateau in better condition with triple the square footage for the same price.

    • italicum

      Really? Why don’t you move to France then where the average pay is $1500 euro a month and social mobility is non existent. See how long it take you to earn your French dream over there. At least NJ has the jobs to pay for such a home.

  • Grrrowler

    This is on a lovely piece of land and looks very private. It’s just too bad that someone elected to build this eyesore on it.

    • italicum

      At least this eyesore is the only style America knows how to do well “American.” Every other style of house built in this country is but a failed attempt to resemble beautiful manor homes of Europe. Want to see French Chateaux go to Pays de la loire, Italian Villas go to Veneto, English Country homes anything north of Surrey will do. Go to these places and compare to what we have here and you’ll understand my first statement was indeed true.

  • rob

    I actually like it. It looks stately and understated. The floors are great and the detailing is classic. I like the driveway leading up to the house. It looks like a great old estate. Better than some of the over the top monstrosities that NJ puts out.

  • tlca

    $6 million and I can’t get a side walk to the front door or a paved driveway to the garage doors???? I have to drive through the grass to get to the garage! That would be fun in the snow.

    • italicum

      HEHEHEHEHE!!!! Where you from the WEST COAST? I know over there (LA) it’s a selling feature to live in a Mansion so close to your neighbors that you can pass the toilet paper between properties without any of you leaving the throne! But in NJ, and especially in Harding you get grounds to match the home. Granted the driveway hasn’t been paved and no landscape yet however all that can be changed. But at least the sheer DISTANCE the home is from the main road gives it a sense of grandeur something NO HOME on the west coast has! That and in NJ and East Coast in general we do not build multi million dollar homes on cheesy geometric shaped planned streets over a postage stamp for property (which is any and everywhere in Orange County).

  • Sam

    Wow by far the worst photoshop job I have ever seen on a listing, let alone a $6 million one. I had to look up the aerial view of the house and oh my god, it looks like someone poured gasoline over the entire yard, I didn’t know grass could be that dead.

    • italicum

      Burnt Grass? Have you ever heard of something called Winter? I know Winter is drab in the Northeast (and most of the East Coast) however when spring comes our grass, plants, and vegetation come back with a vengeance and the East is far more green than then West (true 9 months out of the year) Need proof? Position google earth over the US making sure you are zoomed out enough to see coast to coast. Observe Oklahoma City, to the East you can see a lush green terrain, to the West you will see dry, burnt, desert like land. Peace!

  • Tay

    What is that thing on the right of the house? It’s not a window, I guess…?

    • Chris

      It’s New Jersey…that’s where the painting of the Virgin Mary goes.


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