37,000 Square Foot Estate In Russia With Indoor Pool And Tennis Court | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Daniel


    • Anton

      wonder if you possibly could open that refrigerator?! 😛

      • Daniel

        HA! I didn’t even bother looking at all the thumbnails. Probably one of the most asinine kitchen designs I’ve ever seen.

  • rob

    I hate the exterior. The interior is something else. Strange wrestling mosaic. I like a lot of the interior. The mural, eastern, style room is pretty cool.

  • Eric2

    Not so sure about much of this house, will write a more in-depth review later… But..
    That room with the mosaic of the two nearly naked guys wrestling?

    Totally digging it… Oh yeah…

  • Paul

    I’m assuming Russians like these homes? So I am thinking they must look at the places in the U.S. and hate them. They have their own sense of style that is for sure. Do their homes in Brooklyn and Miami all look like this on the inside?

  • Grrrowler

    More naked wrestlers, less of everything else.

    • Eric2

      We think alike! 😉

      I am curious what sort of room that is supposed to be.. One would think the gym would be the place for pictures of big sweaty men 😉

  • Chris Kohler

    I must say I didn’t like a single one of all those Russian mansions that have been featured in recent months.
    They’re all just big but without any architectural finesse. They look as if a kid would have designed them, using Minecraft as a CAD software.

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