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  • Al Robinson

    Um…. I like the pool…. 😐

  • Eric2

    Ugh.. So much wonderful land, and SUCH an ugly house.. The furniture I am forced to believe has to be staged if just because it shows no signs what so ever of any real personality or life. I swear most of those items look like they were ordered from “Design Tuscano”

    We have flagrant abuse of Gilded Gold.
    Rampant overuse of Garish chandlers.
    And wall colors in places that give me a defiant “WTF” moment.

    But perhaps a bigger sin is the Outside.
    For so much land, there is NO landscaping…
    Looking at it on google maps, there is nothing but scrub brush and patchy grass. Not to mention a front “parking lot” that, well, looks like a parking lot!

  • Barney

    Ummmmm, uhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhkay, ummmmmmmmmm?!?!?!?!?!

    This house has GOT TO BE one of the five most GHASTLY I’ve ever seen herer on HOTR, sorry. I could go on for about a few dozen pages but don’t have the time. Five HORRENDOUS things to point out that will have to suffice. 1.) The fact that the house was in what obviously used to be farm or paddock land with NOT ONE, repeat NOT ONE tree to “dress” it in is awful. The Seller should’ve held off furnishing some of the bedrooms (that’ve painfully obviously never been used) to use that money to have AS MANY AS POSSIBLE mature trees transplanted in key places closer to the house. That would’ve made A WORLD of difference. 2.) THE INTERIOR “DESIGN” is VIOLENTLY WRETCH-worthy. It looks like a cross between a BAD 1970’s vampire movie about vampire hookers, pimps & drug dealers and delusions about being Louis the 16th. 3.) Each exterior pic looks strangely washed out as if it purposely had color taken away from it….and I know what I’m talking about ’cause I photographed a brand-new, luxury 90 acre horse recently in what’s called Metamora Michigan and the one I shot frankly looks MUCH better & more attractive. 4.) The house SCREAMS AT THE TOP OF ITS “LUNGS” new build…there was NO attempt WHAT SO EVER to give it even one hint of history, authenticity or depth. 5.) I’ll NEVERRR EVERRRR understand why people build such GARGANTUAN AIRPORTS, oh, excuse me, “homes” to only sell them A FEW INCOMPRENHENSIBLE YEARS later.

  • Daniel

    Superb landscaping.

  • Brian

    Kenny, how about setting up a pool on these things on final selling price. You can take a cut. I’ll bet max $20M, if that (more likely $15M). I think I know why it was sold. The couple that built it was so disgusted with the outcome that they got divorced. Or possibly had a suicide pact.

  • Grrrowler

    This place gives nouveau riche a bad name. The best thing I can find to say about it is that once I close this page, I never have to see it again.

    And I knew I’d seen a bed similar to the one in the master bedroom somewhere before: http://bit.ly/18dlctP

  • Mak

    It’s got a prayer room. I’ve never seen that before.

    • Grrrowler

      It’s so the owner can pray for a less ugly house.

    • Venom

      Most East Indian families have them in their homes. Quite a few of my neighbors have them in their homes.

  • Tay

    Fugly. terrible land. . .

  • Jason

    P.o.S.H= Piece of Shit House #1

  • Venom

    I was going to say okay, it is not great, but not that bad, maybe $5-$7 million and then I saw the price and nearly spit my drink all over my computer. The Stone Mansion is gorgeous and I can see where the money went there, but this house no way, ridiculous.

    • Doug

      I happen to live in Colts Neck, and know quite a bit about the local real estate. It’s mostly a bedroom community for people working in Manhattan these days. There’s quite a lot of money around the area these days, mostly finance types. It’s very much renowned for the large number of thoroughbred horse farms. Bruce Springsteen’s main residence is here on a parcel of around 300 acres.
      This house is horribly tacky, and overpriced by $15-20 mil, but the 127 acres alone, with no house would cost at least the $5-7 mil. There is a 96 acre parcel just a bit down the road from this one currently on the market for just under $8m.
      To those complaining about the property and lack of landscaping, it’s actually a spectacular piece of property in person. The lack of landscaping is because the property was, and still is to an extent, a thoroughbred horse farm, so there never was any landscaping prior to the construction of this home. Generally most people with homes on these sized parcels keep the landscaping very natural and “rural” looking. Which works fine when your mansion is built to resemble a large rambling farm house or country estate, but not with a “thing” like this. Driving around you’d never realize the size and value of many homes in the area because the only landscaping visible from the road is the classic split rail fence, natural woodlands or varieties of different grasses and what not.

      • Venom

        Fine, then it is worth no more than $12 million in my opinion. The asking price is still laughable. Definitely no more than $15 million.


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