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  • Last Man Standing

    I would never live in a city.
    I don’t like contemporary.
    And, there’s nothing about this I don’t like. Who’d a thunk it?
    It’s spacious, it has great use of outdoor space, and the windows provide plenty of light in the right spaces. It really is attractive.
    32 million?
    Not on your life.

  • Daniel

    It looks a bit like a high-end retail store, but I like it. What is that thing in photo 6? Lady Gaga’s other pod?

    • Jason

      I think it’s a solid chunk of stone cut and partially polished into a sculptural pedestal sink for the 1/2 bath.

  • Grrrowler

    Love it. It’s non-white-box modern with a lot of interesting details. The price is damn high. I’m not a Soho fan, and would like this even more if it were in the West Village.

  • Jason

    I like this loft as well. It’s warm, contemporary and inviting. It’s an interesting space with a clever floor plan. I also love the cinema room. It’s how a residential media room should be. None of that pompous Venetian Opera House look- not even for a lavish classical home.

  • Bill in NY

    Great view of the water storage tank…….or is that the “outdoor shower”?

  • Venom

    Nice place, but the price is crackpipe. This looks like something Candy & Candy could pull off if they had a little bit of talent. Are the owners or the builders Texan because I see that stone everywhere down there and I love it.

  • Killane

    This is absolutely stunning. I’d chance the decor in the bedrooms somewhat, but if I had this kind of money I buy this in a heartbeat. Amazing. just needs a pool and hot tub on the roof – more than enough room for it.

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