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  • Daniel

    Cool looking clubhouse.

  • Grrrowler

    Oy, where to start? The exterior could easily pass for a small Indian casino somewhere. As for the interior, describing it as absolutely hideous, and borderline hilarious, is being charitable.

  • Ron

    A cross between a low class casino and a brothel.

  • Teddi

    Move over Russia, we have a new WTF mansion that has surpassed every other WTF house we’ve ever seen here. Was this actually built to be a home or is it some kind of tacky banquet venue that just happens to have sleeping arrangements? I’m not believing it was ever meant to be lived in as a family home.

  • Al Robinson

    You notice how there’s no pictures of the kitchen, bathrooms, or bedrooms.
    Gee, I wonder why! NOT!!

    Yeah, this may be one of the worst mansions I have ever seen. This place is just Butt-ugly.

  • Mak

    Just imagine the crazy ass parties you could have here. Like a wacked out psycho’s dream.

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