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  • Teddi

    I don’t love it, but it might be the best Russian mansion we’ve seen on HOTR. It’s not swimming in marble or over-laden in gold. It’s retrained as best as it can be. For that I’m thankful.

  • Grrrowler

    It’s about half as gaudy as most of the other Russian mansions we’ve seen here, but still overdone by a factor of at least five.

  • rob

    I actually really like it. It is like a little palace. I like the architectural style. It seems to stay true to traditional Russian architecture. The interior looks a little over the top, but it seems to stay true to the idea of a little palace. One of the better ones in Russia. I like the grounds as well, as little as we can see of them. This looks like a nice little country palace.

  • Daniel

    One of the better Russian homes we’ve seen, but far from perfect.

  • Venom

    I am confused, it is not terrible. Could someone please tell the dumbass listing agent to not put the watermarks in the middle of the photos, it is annoying and distracting.


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