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  • Justin Taylor

    I’m not from the US (down under) so i’m not really familiar with suitability of building styles and the climate but from what i’ve seen of the Hamptons this seems like it’d stick out like a sore thumb…. Mediterranean does not seem like a Hamptons style to an outsider. Seems a bit of an uninspired, boring one at that. At least dress it up with some nice landscaping rather than a few barren trees…..

  • Daniel

    The exterior is off. I think the main reason is because of the raised foundation…hate it. I would have planted hedges around the perimeter of the home to soften the severity of it. Interior looks completely uninspired. If you showed me a picture of the rear of the home and told me it was Coral Gables I would believe you.

  • Grrrowler

    This wouldn’t be the first Mediterranean-style house built in the Hamptons, but like Justin said, the style just doesn’t fit the location. Forgetting the location, I do like the back of the back of the house. I’m sure in the summer it’s lovely spending time around the pool overlooking the creek. However, the front is just awful. The garage block is monolithic and ugly, and the entire facade makes it look as if the house was just plunked down onto the lot.

    The location is nice, since I doubt anyone randomly drives down that road, but I would prefer one of the deeper lots just north.

  • Bill_in_NY

    I agree. The rear is somewhat pleasant, but not the front. Photo #3 would work as a Rene Magritte painting- but as a real house that you actually live in? No.

  • Venom

    I would have expected better in Bridgehampton, a lot better, the exterior is not great and the style seems way out of place for out there.

  • mac22

    Props for trying something different but just falls short. Not terrible, but could have been so much better. A lost opportunity. I like the rear facade but again it looks flat, very flimsy looking when it should have looked solid, cut stone and stucco-like resembling a real villa.


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