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  • Daniel

    God this really does scream mid 90s. The indoor shooting range seems a bit pointless if you’re living in Kentucky.

    • Jason

      it makes them appear like more civilized Kentuckians…

    • Bill in NY

      I’d really appreciate that indoor range when the weather outside is like crap.

      • Daniel

        I’m guess some people really need to shoot their guns year round. I don’t fall into that category.

        • Bill_in_NY

          Um, yeah…..it’s called practice. Just like in ANY SPORT!!!!!!
          If you’re not into shooting, that’s cool. But you don’t have to belittle those who are, okay?

  • Jason

    first off, that’s a bundle of land, sq. footage and amenities for just over 3 million. I’ve never heard of Prospect Ky but it must not be an expensive place to live. the wooded area seems nice.

    I actually like this mess. it’s one of those weird times when something inherently wrong has enough good to be nice. the exterior is my least favorite part- it seems like a mini hospital to me. I do like a lot of the features inside. they are restrained and room proportions seem good. I even like the double brass entry staircase. I would just tone down the brass or change the metal to pewter. otherwise it would remind me of certain malls of that era. the glass enclosed wardrobes are quite extravagant as well.

  • Mak

    I liked the gun range.

  • Killane

    I love the pool (although the ceilings seem way too low to me) and the indoor shooting range is a nice feature in my opinion, but the decor of the rest of this house is awful. It reminds me sharply of the upper floors of Eatons in Toronto during the early 90’s, and doesn;t even feel like a residence to me. Good deal for the price, but needs a seven-figure interior renovation to be acceptable.

  • Barney

    This house has BIG time, potential for sure. On the outside, it’s got a true 1930’s (again) Hollywood Regency/slightly Deco theme going on. To break up the huge expanses of vanilla, I’d paint (probably in a putty/dove gray/POTENTIALLY a very subtle eggplant color) & re-clad specific parts (in stacked slate/fieldstone of varying shades) of it to bring it into 2014 but not lose the ’30’s vibe I like so much. I like the scale of the house and yes, while it’s quite understated but not awful in any way, shape or form, it could be gorgeous. I’d bet the Seller’s have moved out at least partially, hence the spare look & lack of ornamentation, accessories & art. I even like the brass handrails on the second floor landing however the stiles should be removed as there’s just too much right now.

    • Bill in NY

      Those brass rails are the kind of decorating idea you’d find at K-Mart!

  • rob

    It has potential but it looks really dated and tired right now. I think you would have to fly in a designer from LA who knows how to work with this style.

    • Barney

      Nope, Rob…….I could honestly renovate & redecorate the entire house myself. I have a helluva’ good sense of vision and know exactly what I’d want to do to the place. ALL it EVER takes is MONEY……and TONS of it!

  • Bill in NY

    Too many classical architectural details they’re trying to incorporate into a modern house.

    • Barney

      That’s mostly why I like it!


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