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  • Jason

    absolutely atrocious in every way other than it’s platinum location. I remember Palos Verdes having far better homes than this. It’s no wonder it’s been off and on on the MLS. cheap stucco, cheap garage doors, furniture and window coverings so bad they should be taken out and burned as part of the staging of the house. 10 millions is a lot for a tear down, but with the acreage and top of the peninsula location it might just be worth it.

  • Jason

    oh, and how could I have forgotten the entry fountain with the tacky putti sculpture out front??? WOW!

  • Daniel

    Aerial view is the best view. Horrid. No redeeming architectural value of any kind.

  • Brian

    As an alternative to demolition, I suggest this be dismantled and shipped to Marbella, where it is sure to be appreciated, and will sell within weeks.

    • Grrrowler

      After it’s relocated to Marbella, don’t forget to add a 1 in front of the price. Honestly, despite the terrible houses in Spain we’ve seen, I’m not sure they’d have this place; it’s not up to even their standards.

  • Tony

    This is hideous. Or should I say SHITEOUS!!!! That foyer looking area where you can see three weird glass windows that looks into the dinning area is so weird looking. That ruined this house for me. And the home is cheap and made of cheap spec home quality materials.

  • Mak

    See? No koi pond. That’s why it’s a loser.

    people people people…if you’re going to go rich, there’s no finer way to display it then having some old koi fish in your backyard.

    • Grrrowler

      Is there some kind of koi pond hierarchy that helps establish socio-economic status? Obviously, the bigger the koi pond the more important someone is. But, does proximity of the koi pond to the main house move someone’s status up? What about an indoor/outdoor koi pond, or a fully indoor koi pond? How does koi pond flora affect someone’s standing? Do lily pads convey more or less status than lotus or other floating plants? What about frogs?

      I’m curious how each of those fit into the koi pond social ladder. I fully expect that you already have a treatise prepared on the subject, so please do share! 🙂

      • Mak

        I’m so glad you asked that question Grrrowler. It’s a subject I’ve spent many years studying.

        I’ll boil down the answer for you. No not the koi. Pun intended of course, but we’re not boiling down Koi for the answer…

        First, it is the age of the fish which dictates rich. If you have very old koi, you are very rich. Not just very rich, but very OLD rich. It means the fish have a) either been in the family for a very long time, which means you have very OLD money, or you have enough money to find a rich family that is willing to part with their very old koi, and, as you know, old money doesn’t want to part with anything (especially money and koi). So, a rich person has to spend a great deal of money on very old koi. Hence, it means you must be REALLY rich to be able to do that.

        Second. Old koi like where they grew old. They don’t like being shuttled around from one house to the next. They’re like old spinsters who have put down roots in their old money houses. They don’t do well being told that they have to go live someplace else just because loser son John Jr, lost all the family money with Bernie M. and had to sell the property and you have to pack your bags and move. It’s hard, you know? Devastating. Like someone kicked you in the groin devastating. So, wherever you move them, you have to do it subtlety, and do it overnight when they are asleep. Catch them (metaphorically and literally) before they’ve had their breakfast in bed and you”ll be good to go.

        Thirdly, location does matter. Old koi aren’t really the kind of thing that can be displayed in a fountain in front of the porta cochere. They don’t do well on display like that, and frankly you’ll be dealing with floaters in no time if you put them there. Again, like old spinsters, they just want to stay out of the sun in the backyard. Every VERY rich old money person knows this, so if you’re going to put them somewhere, out them where the richest person you know is going to see them. That means the best place is outback over by the tennis court and the helipad. Or out at the end of the pergola towards the horsebarn. That would be the best status building thing you could do.

        By the way, indoor koi is a big no no. No rich person can see it other than the owner, and who wants to keep such a wonderful indication of your wealth all bottled up in some lonely aquarium in the house? Flora isn’t really an indicator of koi status, mainly because koi (especially really really old koi) eat the stuff continually so it never gets a chance to really hang around too long. Frogs are also a no no, because frankly they also get eaten. Besides they make too much noise.

        I could go on and on about koi because they are, without a doubt, the best indicator of old money rich people. Big houses, fast cars, jets, yachts…they’re all just temporary things. Koi live forever, and the longer they live, the older they get, and the older they get, the richer one is.

        Hope I clarified the facts about rich people and koi. Thank you for inquiring!


        • Grrrowler

          That was…well, that was just awesome. I appreciate the description; it’s all much clearer to me now. I understand that an indoor aquarium is a no-no, but I’m still somewhat confused if whether or not having an in-floor koi pond in, say, my entrance foyer will make people think I’m super duper old money rich, or just marginally nouveau-riche, or just a major douche. I’m thinking it will be the latter so I may put them back in the pond in the yard, hypothetically speaking of course.

          • Mak

            I’m not going to judge you based on where you put your koi but…

            I think you are doing the right thing by putting them back in the pond in the yard. Only douche bags put them indoors by the front door, and no, very rich people will not think that you are nouveau-riche or even marginally rich. They will think very poorly of you and will confront you on your desire to display your pseudo wealth in such a tacky and tasteless way. If your goal is to use koi to further your social status, the only recourse in that situation would be to state that the koi are there merely for a layover (I know how pathetic, but even rich people’s pilots have to get some sleep ), and that they will shortly be flying to Bermuda for the winter. Most rich people will believe this excuse because they have probably been in the same situation as your koi.

            Whatever you do, do NOT, I repeat DO NOT tell the koi that THEY are going to Bermuda. The last thing you want is your koi thinking that they will be lying on the beach in the sun somewhere, and then find themselves in the pond out back. Can you imagine being told you were going on vcsation and then have it taken away from you? It’s hardly fair, and will generate a great deal of resentment among your koi. They don’t like being told no any more then any other super rich person does.

            If you have any more koi concerns, you are welcome to email me at www,richkoipoorkoi.com


  • L

    It’s very ugly, but I don’t have the skill nor experience to articulate why.

    Can someone objectively explain the various parts of architecture that are wrong and how they would specifically fix it up (assuming that demolition is not on the cards)?

    • L

      As in, assuming all the furniture, decorations, curtains and putti were removed, what parts would you change and how?

      • Teddi

        The best thing one can do is get a very good, very expensive interior designer and hope for the best. It’s a lot of space and tricky things like the built ins, fireplaces and every blessed thing in that hideous theater would need to be redone. Redoing on that scale needs a professional.

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