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  • Andrew

    Staircases without handrails are NEVER a good idea.

    As for the exterior of this mansion… people have been shot for lesser transgressions than this.

  • Brian

    It looks like they were somehow able to hire the very aged M. C. Escher as the interior designer, and to ill effect.

  • rob

    They are mad as hatters. Russia has no rules. someone is going to die on those stairs after a few vodkas.

  • Jason

    HAHA! M.C. Escher is most certainly the person behind that staircase. What fool thought that would be a great idea. I’d be paralyzed with fear to use them. And the entire clown house looks top heavy like it’s ready to fall over. Russia- vodka, blowhards and horrid design…

  • Jason

    and please don’t try to copy the heart shaped staircase from Rosecliff unless you really, really know what you’re doing.

  • Teddi

    Do these people have a phobia against banisters? Railings? Safety? Do they never plan to have kids or seniors in their house? Hell, I’m not in either of those categories and I’ve already pictured myself in body casts. Are they nuts?

    I had initially planned on asking what was with the lighting fixtures in the foyer and office, but the hazardous-to-your-health staircases have usurped everything else wrong with this house.

  • Grrrowler

    This is just..wow. The staircases are simply crazy. The entrance hall is ridiculously bad, although sadly it gets worse when one moves to that horrible staircase. In the library, I can’t believe that instead of a rolling wooden library ladder I’m actually looking at a folding aluminium step ladder, in a $5 million house. This place is Klassy with a capital K.

  • Bill_in_NY

    What the Hell….????

  • Daniel

    You couldn’t pay me enough to use those staircases…

  • Venom

    Holy crap, are they trying to kill everyone who visits that house including themselves with those staircases, are they insane?

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