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  • Matt

    Everything is beautiful except the location…

  • rob

    looks pretty cookie cutter to me.

  • Daniel

    Hahaha Kansas…

  • Paul

    So the 315 million people in the US should all move to NYC, South Florida or California? Not saying Kansas is the best place to live but people do live there. They live in Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota etc., etc. I enjoy the comments as much as the homes usually. Keep the geographical hate for Russia. No one likes the homes there. Give us flyover folks some love!

    • Last Man Standing

      “So the 315 million people in the US should all move to NYC, South Florida, or California?”
      Speaking as someone who lives in Kansas-yes. Yes they should. Daniel is entirely correct. Kansas is desolation. Kansas is flat as a pancake. Kansas is nothing but a wheat field. Leawood is known for its outhouses and broken down cars in the yard. Beware. Flee. People should stay in a highly sophisticated coastal urban area full of like minded people and leave us poor rednecks and flat earthers to burn our books and thump our Bibles.
      I’ll continue to suffer with lower costs of living, more room, easier traffic patterns, better quality of life, and more freedom. Pity me.

      • Daniel

        Mirror mirror on the faux-finished wall, what’s the squarest state of them all?

      • Eric2

        I see what you did there 😉

    • Daniel

      The real question is do they willingly live there?

      • Last Man Standing

        Square state? Gee, from where I’m standing I can’t see all four corners. But since you apparently are above it all, the view from your height is better than mine. We’ll go with square.

        No, we don’t willingly live here. We were assigned based on our sins. Avoid us. We watch you enlightened with awe and from a safe distance.

  • Tom Ford

    I’ve lived in the kansas city metro area almost 2 years now (job opportunity), just 15 min from this home. Don’t knock Leawood. Leawood has some of the most beautiful homes I’ve seen, and I’ve been from Beverly Hills to NY. Leawood is an area known for its wealth in the affluent Johnson County. This area and the greater Overland Park, KS area is quite nice, upscale, clean, and everything is new and well kept. The homes there are very much like this one. Its a nice, peaceful place to live.

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