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  • Daniel

    The exterior is unbelievably pretty. The interior doesn’t look nearly as promising. What is that plate of glass hanging from the kitchen ceiling?

    • Sam

      It looks like a light fixture hanging over the bar. At first I thought it was a see-through TV haha.

      • Daniel

        I thought it was a TV too!

  • Bill in NY
  • Sam

    I really like the exterior and some parts of the interior. That bathroom is amazing and the wine cellar is nice but the rest of the pictures just come off as more boring than modern.

  • Teddi

    From the outside I was waiting to see the Von Trapps pop by for a visit. The inside is incongruous with the exterior. Wasn’t expecting a modern interior. And not a very well done modern interior at that. Still, it’s nice to see something from Austria. Spain was getting on my nerves.

  • Grrrowler

    This is an incredible house,. The neighborhood is gorgeous, and the exterior is truly beautiful. I don’t like the overly modern interior in the classical shell. I don’t know what condition the interior was in before it was restored, and it looks like there are still a lot of period details to work with, but the current design doesn’t flatter the house.

    According to the WSJ, as of April 2013 the asking price was $32,700,000.

  • Caryll

    The exterior is magnificent however in doing the interior they took out the heart and soul of the building….such a pity…..it is sooooooooooooo cold to the eye.

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