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  • Brian

    Close to gorgeous overall. The only change I would make personally would be to install a mezzanine balcony library, considering how limited the space is. That would not really disturb the overall space/volume of the great room.

  • Daniel

    Compact but I like the finishes.

  • Grrrowler

    This place is very me; I think it’s fantastic. It’s modern without being cold, and the eclectic furnishings give it a lot of character. I actually like that it’s not huge, but would probably turn the two upper floor bedrooms into one larger space with an en suite, and then add a powder room for the terrace. Speaking of the terrace, it would be so nice to hang out in front of the outdoor fireplace on a cool autumn evening.

  • rob

    I like it, but you can do so much better in NYC for 15 mill. You can buy a top o fthe line brownstone with 3 times the square footage in a better neighborhood. I think that these flagship properties in nyc are getting dis proportionately priced. This would be a great buy at 10-11 mill. tops.

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