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  • Marko

    Kenny, if you want great contemporary architecture, check out Casa Grécia in São Paulo by Isay Weinfeld:


    You should feature it on your website.

  • Daniel

    Convention center architecture.

  • Andrew

    Well, some people like modern architecture and others don’t. Those who don’t might use alleged resemblance to offices or convention centers as a derogatory term. while those who do might enjoy clean lines and uncluttered feel regardless.

    I think it’s pretty OK and at any rate a welcome change from ‘french inspired’ mansions or style-free monstrosities of Colts Neck. It’s is quite unusual for Toorak too, as most homes there tend towards the conservative and classic.

  • Jason

    it’s kind of brutal and hard, but I like it overall. I’d have to liven up the interiors , though. No I wouldn’t- for that cash I’d get me a lovely classical Palladian house.

  • Venom

    I don’t hate it and I don’t love it. I like enough of it that I could live here though.

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