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  • Daniel

    I’m convinced this is a hospital.

    • Bill in NY

      Not big enough for a hospital and not enough parking. Rather, a building for medical suites. Looks like something my dentist’s offices are in.

  • Brian

    I suspect it is a small-scale Supermax.

  • Tay

    Well the selling point is that Michael Graves designed it. But…that’s also its downfall, along with being located in a neighborhood full of houses that look like spaceships..

  • Jason

    I think Miley needs to come in with her wrecking ball and sledgehammer in this one. It’s awful. I can hardly believe that Michael Graves designed it. It looks Graves inspired, but done on the cheap after he told them about his architectural fees. I have a book of his work – which include residential- and the details are not up to his designs.

  • Grrrowler

    I was about to say the same thing that Jason said; it’s hard to believe that this is a Graves design, or that it wasn’t built on the cheap from his design. I’ve been in hotel lobbies designed by him that feel much homier than this house.

  • L

    If the address weren’t provided, I’d have thought this were in Russia. Do not want.

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