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  • Grrrowler

    I really like the exterior and the grounds. The landscaping is beautiful and the house itself looks very gracious. The parking spaces in the front are a turn-off, but that’s easily fixed.

    I love the interior. It’s eclectic, interesting, and has some great details. I’d redo some of the secondary bedrooms, but they were obviously created for kids. The master bedroom is fabulous.

    All that said, I don’t like this interior in this exterior. I’d prefer more traditional details within the traditional shell, and I’d love seeing this interior in a more modern house or an urban condo.

  • Mak

    I hate the furnishings. They look uncomfortable and out of scale. Take, for example the chairs in the theater room. The front three look ok, but the hospital tables look too low for the chairs, and the chairs on the end have a terrible view of the screen. Useless. Then there is that “thing” in the living room; a couch in the middle without a back to it. If you’ve ever sat on one, you know it is uncomfortable as all get out. Front hall table with chairs? What are you going to sit at that table for? Play cards? They’re ugly and they should be trashed.

    • Brian

      This has the look of somewhat inept staging rather than the work of a good designer. Look at the 2 wicker/rattan chairs. They offer an agonizing choice of discomfort with the living room/day bed. And while the beat-up gym lockers in the hall are cute… Really? And the paintings in the entrance hall look like the start of a gallery exhibit rather than proper residential installation.

      All the design issues are kind of off-the-point though (mine included) as we are really looking at real estate here, but it’s hard to overlook the design faux pas.

  • Barney

    The interior of this house absolutely one of THE most exquisitely done that I’ve ever seen here on HOTR. While it’s true that the ex-and-interior clash way too much, I can, at least here, overlook it completely. The overriding Deco theme was IMECCABLY well done and it’s an EVEN BIGGER joy to see it in an American home no less. With regards to the cube stools in the foyer, yes, they’re inappropriate and should go and the bamboo (?) chairs in the living room (and they’re not anywhere near as uncomfortable as mentioned, I’ve sat in the exact chairs) serve the perfect (imo) juxtapostion to the daybed/chaise lounge, no matter how uncomfortable that piece is thought of. Also, the art is, at times, too big and too close together but if they were pared down, they’d work much better in the house. And a little bit a’ “gallery feel” is o.k. If the decor was replanted into a ’20’s or ’30’s Deco, Art Moderne or (possibly) Hollywood Regency style home the masterpiece would be complete. The bedroom colors & materials definitely are BOLD and do throw off the balance, but rarely does ANYone these days among the verrry rich, hold tight to a uniform design theme throughtout an entire house to my and I bet a bunch of other my fellow HOTR contributors. Lastly the master suite is STUNNING from floor to ceiling. LUUUUUUUV this home. Ohhh, and the photography is MAG-NI-FI-CENT and could not possibly be any better. A++.

  • Daniel

    Exterior is nice, but I get a Hyatt Place vibe from the interior. However, it is a welcome change.

  • Venom

    I like the place, tastefully done and stylish. I imagine gardeners rubbing their hands with glee at the amount of money they are going to charge you to maintain this place. Should probably build another small home on the property to house the maids and gardeners.

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