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  • Teddi

    Since I don’t know where to start there’s no point in picking on individual issues. I’ll just say that there’s just a whole lot of things wrong, whole lot of different (read that as bad) design elements thrown together and nothing works for me. But it’s one of the few homes that looks as if the library/office actually gets used and isn’t just for show, so that’s a positive. I’m reaching here. That exercise space on the upstairs landing is making my eye twitch.

    I haven’t been on for a while, and my senses got overwhelmed by those NJ ‘homes’. Really trying to stay positive. But starting to think Kenny is going through a sadistic phase.

    • Eric2

      Aww hang in there Teddi! I know it gets a bit much trying to reply to these monsters ;P

      My biggest “WTF” of this place is the Erotic Nude Statue on the second floor… I’ll I could think was “Why don’t we see any MALE Statues like that??”

      • Teddi

        I didn’t find it erotic, but I did find it to be a WTF item. It isn’t particularly artistic and the location is odd. But to answer your question, female nudes are seen as less offensive to carry-over Victorians than male nudes.

  • Grrrowler

    Over 11,000 square feet and there was no other place for the home gym? What’s sad is that that’s not the worst thing about this house. Not only is not very private, there doesn’t seem to be much of a view.


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