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  • John

    incredible prices for this subdivision

  • Daniel

    Is it wrong that I actually really like the padded walls in the living and dining rooms? Maybe I would not have made it padded, but instead textured suede or something of the like. Overall, I really like the home and the view.

    • Kenny Forder

      No I love them as well!! Usually when you hear “padded” walls you would think it would look tacky and cheap and just plain weird. but this does it for me! I agree about the suede, that would be ultra luxurious 🙂

      • Teddi

        No, I love them too! I thought I was going to get heat for liking them. 😀 The first thing i think when I think padded walls are the white ones in a pysch ward. I never thought a large formal space with all 4 walls padded would look that good. If a designer had come to me with that concept I don’t think I would have gone with it. It’s very decadent and I kinda thought: ‘this belongs in the Playboy mansion’. But I still loved it. I love what I love. LOL.

        Some of the pics suck. Never could understand multimillion dollar priced homes with sucky photographs. Why can’t they pay for a good photographer?

      • Daniel

        Hooray! So I ain’t crazy. The only difference is I would have made it a different shade. I think right now it’s a bit too similar to the floors and the furniture gets lost in the space. Maybe a dark burgundy or even a dark dark purple. It reminds me a lot of Mickey Rourke’s townhouse, which is a ‘top 5’ interior for me. Outlandish and truly incredible:

    • Grrrowler

      I like them too. I’ve seen some beautifully done padded walls, and I like the pattern that was introduced in these.

      I worked on a sailboat that had a suede padded ceiling in the same checkerboard pattern as this house. It WAS ultra luxurious and felt like a cocoon (not that I’ve ever been in an actual cocoon). It was also a nightmare to deal with, however, and the builder of the boat provided dozens of pairs of kid gloves specifically for use when replacing an overhead light bulbs or if a panel had to be removed. The look was worth the extra effort.

      • Teddi

        YAY! It’s unanimous. When has that ever happened. LOL 😀

        I’ve seen alligator skin closet doors, and leather floors. Which I think must be insanely hard to keep clean and keep looking good. But I was underwhelmed by them. Given the cost to put them in and the effort to keep them up, they at least need to wow me. These padded silk walls wow me.

        If you can find a pic of a suede ceiling anything, PLEASE let me see it. I’d really love to see what it looks like because I have a feeling no matter what I think it won’t come close

        • Grrrowler

          I’m on my phone so it’s not entirely easy to dig through pics, but search The Google for “Diamond Forever”. You can find a few interior pics, but they don’t do it justice, at all. The interior as done by Jon Bannenberg (a master) and the current owners have retained much of it.

          Malcolm Forbes’ The Highlander, also by Bannenberg, had white padded leather ceilings and there are numerous pics of it online.

        • Grrrowler

          The site didn’t like my last post, so here’s a link to the yacht Lionwind, with white suede padded ceilings throughout:

          • Teddi

            Even though I don’t like the white, I love the feeling. Just from the pics I do get a spoiled, soft, cocooned feeling.

    • Teddi

      I’m thinking now that these gold silk padded walls would look unbelievable in a really decadent home theater. Not sure what it would do to sound quality, but it would look good

  • opinionfree

    The walls were ‘upholstered’ in silk, because it reflects more light.

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