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  • Daniel

    Doesn’t seem like a thought went into the architectural details. It’s just a lot of big rooms. Furniture looks like something you’d find in an Embassy Suites. The best room likes like the walk-in humidor…damn shame I don’t smoke cigars. I predict an under $10 million selling price.

  • Bill in NY

    Take out 2 mortgages on the house and I could easily come up with that down-payment!

  • Sam

    I don’t think the future buyer will buy this place planning to actually live there (or at least as their main residence)… I would hope nobody would spend that much money to live in a house that looks like that…

  • Al Robinson

    I don’t know, I just can’t-not like this mansion. Perhaps because it is one of the truest “lifestyles of the rich-and-famous” for me. I just think it’s great. It’s simplistic, clean, and it’s got everything. I wouldn’t need 19 bathrooms, but still…

  • Andrew

    Reminds me of that other triumph of wealth over taste, the pile of bricks in Farmington belonging to the individual calling himself ’50 Cent’… huge, more like a hotel than a house and full of pointless bling.

  • Sirron Vee

    What does one do with a house like this? Only a Michael Jordan wanna-be would enjoy this place. It’s too ostentatious and it doesn’t look like a “home.” It looks like a huge “house” with huge maintenance costs. Also without a lot of friends to show it off to, it’s a real waste beyond the initial bragging rights. But I guess if you’ve got it; flaunt it.

    Thanks Willie!

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