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  • Grrrowler

    First, props to the filmmakers for creating a high-quality real estate video. There are SO many truly terrible real estate videos out there with bad lighting, shaky camera work, and/or awful audio quality; this is a very welcome change. It’s also nice to see a human in the different spaces, instead of just empty rooms, in order to get a sense of scale.

    I still like this house, and have to say I like it more after the video. Considering that it’s a modern faux-French house built in the U.S., it’s remarkably tasteful.

  • Sam

    Wow, this is how listing videos should be for homes of this price range. Beautiful house.

  • Teddi

    What a difference a video makes. I did not like the interior when I saw the pics. But this put a whole new view on things. And I definitely think that all mansions need to have a person in some of the stills. I didn’t really appreciate how immense some of the rooms were until I saw standing in them. When room pics need to be scaled down to capture an overview, it’s oftentimes hard to tell the true size of anything.

    I’m still disappointed in the kitchen. There are 4, take your pick, none of them had me singing ‘hallelujah’. $11 million and there should be a range by Wolf or Gaggenau or La Cornue somewhere. And I still hate the fact that one has to climb up a thousand stairs to get to the front door. Only a man who has never worn heels would have designed that. But otherwise, color me impressed.

  • Jason

    is there a market for a house this size and price range in North Carolina? I know Biltmore is there and the area seem beautiful, but it’s not exactly an affluent resort town. I like the house, but it’s not perfect. The stone detailing seems a bit simplified and not cut with enough detail. I’ll give it a pass though since the dining room is wonderful and the Realtor used the term enfilade. She’s a granny I’d buy a house from!

  • Tony

    There are some nice things about this home but some parts of the interior look cheap to me. Its like half Le Belvedere and half Le Gorga LOL. The exterior is supposed to be limestone but in the opening shot, not right at the beginning but near the beginning of the video, if you look behind the lady that is talking you can see that the limestone is peeling and chipping. I didn’t think real limestone would do that. Also I believe that homes of this stature that are around 20,000 square feet or more and with a full limestone exterior should have interior walls that are completely covered in custom paneling and moldings but only parts of the interior have covered walls. Some parts had bare plain walls. And some of the interiors had that cheap spec home look.

    • Last Man Standing

      I know! 15 seconds in and I wanted to take a putty knife and scrape away the paint bubbles behind her. Painted concrete.

  • rob

    Beautiful gorgeous home, but it is still a large home in a sub division on a golf course, not an estate home. I would love this home just about anywhere else. There are a few homes in NC in this price range but they are more estates or plantations, not homes in a sub division. This home needs about 300 more acres. I compliment the builder on his proportions and I really like the gilded map on the dome. So much classier than clouds and cherubs.

  • Venom

    Beautiful home and I loved the video. The agent is cool, she is like a fun grandma.

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