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  • Jason

    These two are hideous dogs….I’ve never seen them, so I assume there in a gated community in the northern suburbs. The plans are no better than what you find in a grocery store plan book.

  • Grrrowler

    The fact that the plans are named tells me all I need to know. If I were planing to build an 18,000+ square foot house, it wouldn’t be a mass-produced design.

  • A

    Great job,

    Thanks Kenny

  • Matt

    The second home is at the corner of Willow bend dr. and Park blvd. It looks much better in person. The owners lately have let the yard go though. idk how the neighborhood allows it, its pretty crappy..

  • Maxim

    The Second Mansion Is Literally Down The Street From Me And Is Actually In Plano , TX ! I Love The Neighborhood It’s In !! I Love To Drive By This House On My Way To The Willow Bend Mall .

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