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  • Grrrowler

    Now that’s a gorgeous house. I really wanna see inside.

  • Daniel

    I wish Jeff would update his website soon. Been the same for the past 10+ years. Or come out with another book.

    As for this house, I like it, but it’s missing something. I know this is Atlanta and not Palm Beach so the detail and formality will not be the same, but something is missing. I’m also not crazy about the gate house style courtyard. Makes the motor court seem very compact. I’ll wait to see the interior before I make up my mind.

    • Daniel

      Ok, I’ve looked through all the pictures and it is a very nice home. I think the part that bothers me is the wall left of the entry with the single window on the first floor. Looks off. I’d maybe plant a living wall or on that section. The front of the gatehouse could also use some ivy. I think it’s missing some patina here and there.

    • Jason

      yes, on both accounts. I too want an updated website and new book (preferably w/ floor-plans). I think he’s a Master of classical architecture and have two of his books- just in case.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    MEDITERRANEAN IS MY FAVORITE OF TASTES!!! This one reminds me of Miami Beach, who knows may be they have secretly stole it from Miami Beach, and transplanted it in Atlanta. Finally, Atlanta is becoming more creative, it took long enough.

    • Teddi

      Atlanta is not lacking in creativity. When almost every middle class and upper class house in S. Florida is based on a Mediterranean style, then seems that’s where the creativity is lagging. I used to get giddy seeing a house that WASN’T Mediterranean down there.

  • Teddi

    Pretty Med style house. Love the courtyard and motorcourt.

    Price upon request and no interior photos. Why? First, it’s Atlanta, not NYC, and the square footage is 11k sf. How expensive can it possibly be that they feel the need to hide the price? and don’t do price upon request when crucial pics are missing. Namely, the entire interior.

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