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  • rob

    If they have got that much space to play with then they really need to add more details to the facade. Gargoyles, towers, quoins, filligrees. This is just too symetrical and uninteresting for something that is supposed to be a world beater. And I really wish someone would just go for it and build something bigger than Biltmore. What is the point of saying “mine’s bigger than yours” If everyone knows there is something bigger.

  • Matt

    I bet it will be in Kansas! oh wait, nothing is there so nevermind…

  • Marko

    It will be built in China.

    It is hideous.

    I wonder how is Richard Mansion’s Château de la Lumière, a copy, expansion and an adaptation of his & William Hablinski’s ex-Elliot Broidy’s 440 St Cloud Road Rosewood mansion, which was recently sold.

    • Marko

      * advancing.

  • LE

    I agree with the posting above about the design being FAR too symmetrical which makes it look much more like a hotel than a private residence. Using Biltmore as a comparison, even though it is 175k square feet, it looks much like a home because it does NOThave that symmetry that would make it look like a hotel.

    • Marko

      Oh, please. How can something be “FAR too symmetrical”?

      This “palace” is a mess. Landry at his absolutely worst. Where on earth did you see a French château with four storeys? A cavernous ugly mess.

      Art historians around the world scream in horror begging for this not to be built.

      I am disappointed in Daniel.

      • amused

        i definitely concur w/Marko here! the landry DEFINED the term ‘McMansion’. ugh!

  • LE

    I agree with the posting above about the design being FAR too symmetrical which makes it look much more like a hotel than a private residence. Using Biltmore as a comparison, even though it is 175k square feet, it looks much like a home because it does NOThave that symmetry that would make it look like a hotel.

    I would say, ” back to the drawing board”…. Literally.

  • Daniel

    The definition of outrageous. I love it.

    • Teddi

      ME TOO!! I can’t imagine something like this in the 21st century being a private residence. I’m assuming it’s not for royalty, because then it would spoil the tingles I’m having. But if it’s for a private citizen billionaire, I can hardly wait.

  • Cindy

    I thought Biltmore was 250,000 square feet…? I know I have the souvenir book here somewhere…

  • LE

    Biltmore I actually 178, 000 square feet with 250 rooms.

  • Grrrowler

    The fact that there was so much question about whether it would be a house or a hotel is not an auspicious beginning. If I were building a house and money was no object, I wouldn’t want it to bear any resemblance to a hotel.

  • opinionfree

    I’m much more interested in the psychology surrounding why someone would feel the need to construct or reside in a place like this. Was it childhood trauma? Is it LDS (little dick syndrome)? Not enough kisses from the governess?
    Can you imagine the brouhaha trying to get this thing passed through a zoning board?

    • Barney

      I COULDN’T POSSIBLY AGREE WITH YOU MORE, Opinion. To say that this build of a “residence” is revoltingly absurd and disgusting would be an understatement like saying the Pacific Ocean is a puddle. I truly pity these people who build, buy and live in these monstrosities in that they obviously have the uncontrollable lust for material possession on a scale that I’ll NEVERRRRR know, THANK GOD (if there is one).

  • Marko

    Zoning board?

    This will not be built in the USA.

    It will be built somewhere near the city of Guǎngzhōu, Guǎngzhōu Province, People’s Republic of China, which is historically known as Canton, wherefrom the name Cantonese (language) stems from.

  • amused

    LOLLLL…..another McMansion from the Landry’s.

  • Teddi

    You guys are no fun.

    In the first place, I’m not seeing the hotel similarities. A palace, yes. But not a hotel. I like symmetry so I appreciate this. I hate gargoyles and all that crap. Clean lines, everything even and symmetrical and great architecture is all I need. Pretty sure if the Biltmore was built today (if it could ever be built in today’s America) there would be a lot less accolades and oohing and ahing floating around as there are now.

    A 175,000sf single family residence built today would have generated a lot of small penis talks and many other negative analogies.

    But it’s like that butterfly hostel village thing we saw last year. There are so few unique, truly jaw dropping (good or bad) residential mansions being built today that I’d love to see a few. Where are our Biltmores? 100 years from now which megamansion would people line up and pay to tour. I have yet to see any that would foot that bill. I’d maybe love to tour the ghetto-fabulous Floridian Versailles, but not enough to pay to do so. But I would absolutely pay to tour this mega-chateau.

    • Eric

      You know this is true! and I fully agree with you Teddi!

      Our society today has become terribly sarcastic and antagonistic regarding huge houses and compounds. 100 years ago, people aspired to great buildings that would stand the test of time.

      Part of the problem is many “Super” houses these days we end up going “Poo Poo” because quite frankly the builder doesn’t make the “true” effort. A “Palace” will end up being built of Dry Wall, cheap marble, ticky tack furniture etc.

      I look at those picks and my gut reactions is “Oh Good LORD!”
      But BUT! If they can actually pull of a “Real” palace, then I say BULLY to them!

      • Teddi

        That’s what I want. I mega mansion or a super mansion that actually stands up to time and critique. No dry wall, no faux brick or simulated stone. No 1/8″ marble with plywood backing. No corner cutting. Just superb craftsmanship at a level not recently seen. Wouldn’t it be great if this generation actually created a residence to make future generations gasp in wonder.

      • Dat

        People are sarcastic about everything nowadays. Its why this country is no longer the greatest in the world. When the people who think everything is trash and a joke are in charge, then the only things that get built are trash and the only things that matter are jokes. Its The Daily Show syndrome.

  • Andrew

    When will people grasp the simple truth that the only place where French chateau’s belong is France, and France of the past at that?!? For the love of God, or at least for the love of architecture – if you want to create something impressive, create something unique!

    • Teddi

      If you have the money and your true love is French architecture, why do anything else. There are many non-traditional mansions out there which are built because people love being different. But what if you don’t. What if your absolute passion has always been Tudor or Spanish or Colonial or Gothic. Then what would be the point of being different just for the sake of being different. The guy who invented the wheel was no better than the guy who made the wheel better. Improvements and modernizations on something that was already done doesn’t make it any less of an accomplishment or a marvel.

      • Andrew

        I’d say if French architecture was truly their love they’d realise the futility and crassness of trying to transplant it into the environment of Upper Hicksville or wherever they want to put it in, and they’d let it be.

        • Teddi

          Has there been an update? I have yet to see any mention of where this will be built, not a hint of even which country much less a pinpointed location. Might be jumping to conclusions there. Even though I’m sure Asheville was considered the sticks at one point and so was Alpine. Palm Beach was considered uninhabitable swampland good for nothing but mosquitoes, gators and snakes. Now home of billionaires’ row.

  • Marko

    These people can built whatever they want, but no one can match Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah’s Istana Nurul Iman, a work of the Filipino architect Leandro Valencia Locsin.

    Guinness Book of Records piece of a palace.

    Trump that.

    • Andrew

      At least he didn’t try to build a French chateau in the jungle, I’ll give him that.

  • Venom

    This is ridiculous.

  • mac22

    Not begrudging todays billionaires for building enormous piles to live in and showoff how fabulously wealthy they are but why oh why cant they find a decent architect. When late nineteenth century millionaires like the Vanderbilts built their palaces, the design, materials, artistry, craftsmanship, details, furnishings were amazing, that is why this bloated behemoth cant hold a candle to Biltmore. Richard Morris Hunt, Stanford White, Charles Platt, Carrere and Hastings, John Russell Pope, etc etc are long gone and they have been replaced by the Landrys of the world. Appallingly bad architecture is commonplace for such mega-mansions and I cant understand why. With all the money in the world, you cant find anyone who can build anything of quality.

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