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  • Daniel

    What a bore. And 13 bedrooms? A bit excessive if you ask me…

    • Teddi

      ROFL 😀

      I didn’t even blink at the number of bedrooms, after all, it’s 46k sf. I had an issue with the 12 reception rooms, however. Now THAT’S excessive.

  • Marko

    For a house name after the oak-tree nymphs from Greek mythology you would expect something far more exciting.

  • Teddi

    Am I the only one who can’t see the room names on here? The writing is so faint and fuzzy.

    • Grrrowler

      Download the PDF from the agent’s site and you can zoom in on the plans. The quality still isn’t great.

      • Teddi

        Okay, I’ve looked at the site and I’m not seeing 12 reception rooms. Do they go by any other name?

        As for the number of bedrooms, I don’t think it’s excessive because my grandfather had 10 kids. Plus the master suite had two bedrooms. Then downstairs had a staff 2 bedroom suite. The kids’ rooms were on their own wing, so if you didn’t need to go there, and no one really needed to once they were grown and moved out, then you wouldn’t notice exactly how many bedrooms there really were. It only sounded outrageous when telling someone how many.

        But the reception rooms. Isn’t that the equivalent, of say, having 12 living rooms? And unless there’s a polyamorous/polygamist thing happening here, I don’t get it.

  • Grrrowler

    If only we knew what style the interior will be. Oh wait, of course we know! It’ll be a knock-off Candy & Candy design that will feel like a combination of a nightclub and a 3 star modern hotel.

    13 bedrooms is crazy, and the house couldn’t look any more uninteresting.

  • Sam

    Since when is 13 bedrooms in a 42,000 square foot house crazy?

  • rob


  • Sean

    I have seen this house a hundred times. London is so painfully dull in recent years.

    • Teddi

      Agreed. Same floorplans. Same decor. How can a country with such rich history give rise to this?

  • Orlando

    I do not like the placement of the staircase at the door of the Master Suite. I would expect the master to be more secluded.

  • Venom

    Sigh, I remember when England used to be the pinnacle of architecture and home design.

  • mtmslg

    What is it with the British and their odd placement of the kitchen and service areas in relation to the dining room? Do they really want the food traipsed through a reception hall on the way to the dining room? I’ve seen this countless times. Reminds me of an anecdote: When American Alva Vanderbilt visited Blenheim Palace (Her daughter famously married into the Marlborough family) she asked why the food was cold. She was told that the servants had to carry the meal the distance from the kitchen. And the kitchens were placed far from the dining room so unpleasant food odors wouldn’t waft into the reception area. She proposed that they get a better chef . . . or faster servants.


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