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  • Grrrowler

    Did the 3 key get stuck when the agent was entering the price? That has to be the case, because this can’t be going for more than $3,000,000. I know, Silicon Valley and all that, and it’s on a beautiful lot, but this house is nothing special. I’ve tried to defend Atherton prices before, but this is indefensible.

  • Daniel

    Usually Atherton homes have that subdued but still very high-end elegance about them. This feels terribly cheap.

  • John

    Even with appreciation in value, this is a large increase in price. The area does command high prices

  • Teddi

    Yet another example of me looking at the house, looking at the price and scratching my head.

  • Mak

    I wanna punch the realtor in the ear for using these pics. gawt dam awful.

    but then the house…the house is gawt dam awful. Any valley newb who buys this for gulp 33M is a sucker and a half. Or has no taste, no common sense and way too much money for someone with those qualities.

  • PD

    This price only makes sense as a subdivision. Scrape it all, and sell three 1+ ac lot for $11+ mil each. New construction on 1 acre runs at about $15-18 mil. Not much room for profit though.

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