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  • Grrrowler

    The interior couldn’t be less my style, and if it were mine I’d want it to be much less uptight. But, this really is beautiful inside and out.

  • Daniel

    Designed by a master and restored by a master. If only this were south of the Palm Beach Country Club. Even so, a great home on a huge lot with an oceanview. Rare find. Price seems fair considering the turnkey restoration and lot size.

  • Teddi

    The rooms are very pretty, but that layout is really odd. If you enter through the front of the house, you have to walk through the reception room, living room, dining room, breakfast room and stair hall to reach the kitchen. Or go outside and walk across the loggia. Based on when the house was built, it makes sense, the kitchen was always tucked away somewhere where it could not be seen or heard. So I’m not faulting anyone for this. Just saying that we’re now in a time where that layout is seriously inconvenient. Especially when the only food storage area seems to be the pantry on the lower level. Even more inconvenient.

    I am really loving that breakfast room with the bar and china cabinets. Can’t tell the last time I saw a breakfast room with it’s own built ins and wet bar. The way a breakfast bar should be. And that library is extremely lovely. As much as I abhor deforestation, it was put to good use in that library.

  • Jason

    Supremely tasteful. What a magnificent floating staircase and balustrade! I don’t normally like Palm Beach décor- ok, usually never. It’s too mature. But these folks have some good art and there is something about the exuberance and boldness of the color palette and patterns that does speak to me. My favorite is the quasi chinoiserie dining room with those great window cornices. I’d fit those into my modest home somehow if they were given to me!

  • Venom

    This house just has an old feel to it. It makes me feel like I aged 40 years. I imagine someone like T. Boone Pickens living here.

  • Wallace

    T. Boone Pickens? Nope. I think it belongs to James Harpel. Not sure about that, but virtual globetrotting website seems to think so.

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