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  • Daniel

    Exterior looks very charming, and the interior has some nice spaces. Foyer is a bit of a let down.

    • Kenny Forder

      Would have been nicer if it was 2-story. I also like when a staircase is situated in the middle of the foyer, not to the side. Too understated; I like in-your-face 😉

      • opinionfree

        “I like in your face” Well, that’s not very nice or welcoming (especially in a home). I find it very difficult to appreciate people, places or things with that point of view. A home should be a source of hospitality and showcase an owners graciousness: not a weapon of intimidation. Confidence, in life and home, are much better than arrogance and insecurity.
        Just for today, I will not intimidate others to be impressed by me.
        I’m sure few if any would advocate such bullying behaviour.

        • L

          Um, wut?

  • Grrrowler

    I quite like this one. I’m pleased that the entrance foyer isn’t a grand two-story affair and that the staircase isn’t a major focal point. I much prefer the subtlety of this over a giant staircase that tries to announce “I must be rich because I have a huge stairway!” That might impress some guests and the Chinese take away driver, but this feels more like entering a home instead of a museum. The same goes for the rest of the house; it feels like a place people actually live, as opposed to something simply trying to impress.

  • Jason

    I like this one. Something about a soft, soothing buttery yellow house that feels warm and inviting. Also, the Great Room that projects out towards the rear of the house is a lovely space. I especially like the flattened barrel vault ceiling.


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