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  • Marko

    What comes next? Comparison with La Reverie, of course! Just as in the previous post about the home.

    Just today I’ve tried to assess if Château des Fleurs, that huge Jeffrey A. Kaplan house in Los Angeles, really has 60,000 sq. ft. I cannot guarantee for the accuracy of the calculation, but if you measure the house by using the satellite imagery and presume that it has three levels, you get around 50,200 sq. ft. That is 10,000 sq. ft. short of what the design materials said.

    Which is why I’m wondering about Sydell Miller’s house. The main house has 62,000 sq. ft.? Really? Or is that the area of all the constructed spaces available on that parcel? Why is it that the assessor data shows only something around 34,000 sq. ft.?

    By the way, there is another Asian château with huge area: Ronald G. Firestone’s plans for the 72,000 sq. ft. palace in Indonesia:


    • Kenny Forder

      I agree about Sydell’s house. I just don’t see how it’s 84,000 square feet.

      • Marko

        I wonder where that number came from – I made an error, I thought Daniel used the square footage of the main house of the Patel house and said it is one thousand square feet less than that, but he obviously meant the whole compound. 84,000 sq. ft. is all the more preposterous then. I don’t have the Jeffrey W. Smith book, but I presume it says something about the living area of the house?

        • Daniel

          Here is a link to the property appraiser’s website on Sydell’s house:


          When you figure that the main hallway in La Reverie is 221′ long (in the book it states the main hallway spans the length of the house), then the large square footage numbers don’t seem all that preposterous. As for the property appriaser’s final assesment of the square footage, it’s very possible that i

          • Daniel

            (Definitely did not click submit)

            As for the property appriaser’s final assesment of the square footage, it’s very possible that the final A/C number is wrong. Notice that the basement is 11K square feet. Who knows what’s in there? Movie theater? Vault(s)? Storage? There’s also the obvious error in assigning the colored areas to the square footage number. Area 16 in purple is allocated only 319 sq ft. Obviously that is wrong. In everything I’ve seen, 60,000 square feet of living area is the most quoted number.

            Long story short, I don’t think the Carrollwood house will dethrone La Reverie in terms of quality. It’s unmatched.

          • Marko

            You are right, it won’t de-throne it, there is no doubt. Especially if what C said in that other post is true:

            The next white elephant— First the article says they are spending $6.5 m to build the house. Must be cardboard and paperclips

            But if the square footage is wrong – is that then tax fraud?

            Paying for less when the house is bigger?

          • Marko

            By the way, is there a legend to that floor plan? What is the floor plan one, floor plan two and floor plan three and what do those “areas” represent?

          • Marko

            All right… If I calculated correctly, what you see from space is 21,325 sq. ft. Times three, that is 63,975.

            Perhaps the subterranean levels go across the whole property so that might make up for the missing 20,000 sq. ft.

            I was hoping the Jeffrey W. Smith book had floor plans and detailed data.

  • Marko

    I would ask the same about Versailles on Lake Butler in Florida: if I consider the houses main shape a rectangle and multiply the surface of the base by three, I get around 72,000 sq. ft. Where did the other 18,000 sq. ft. go? Is the assessor going to visit the house with the tape measure and assess the correct square footage? Where did all these insane numbers come from? If not the assessor, then someone from Guinness Book of Records sure will if the Siegel couple want to live in the biggest house in the U.S.

  • Sean

    Marko – I think Versaille’s basement extends way under the rear deck all the way back to the pool. That’s where the other 18,000 sq. ft. is probably hiding.

  • Daniel

    This is the house that is being built next to the highway on ramp, correct? I’ll admit it looks cool as hell, but I will wait to pass final judgement when this is completed. The location leaves a lot to be desired.

  • rob

    Pretty cool if your are the raja of Pajistan.

  • Andrew

    ‘Noted cardiologist’? What’s he noted for – overcharging? I don’t know how a mere professional can afford to build and even more importantly maintain a house of this size, all I know that as a patient I wouldn’t want to fall into this guy’s clutches!

    Reminds me of this joke:

    Doctor says to his patient:
    “I have good news and bad news: the good news is my kid got into the college”
    “That’s great doc, so what’s the bad news?”
    “You are going to pay for it…”

    • Amin


      He is not just a “doctor” in the normal sense of one who just practices medicine on a 9-5 clinic schedule.

      This is first of all someone who INVESTED in their skill set to become a cardiologist, and therefore he DESERVES to be paid for his skill set.

      HOWEVER, the majority of his income is derived from various investments, remember that wealthy people are wealthy because of passive income that they don’t have to go out and WORK for each day.

      I hope this clarifies matters a bit.


  • Venom

    This is disgusting. Another ridiculous monument to someone’s ego that no one will ever want to buy and will just eventually get torn down.

  • Bill_in_NY

    I love the size. Let’s face it- we’re here because we love mansions! And the size of this one tickles me pink.
    But architecturally, it’s without a doubt THE most butt-ugly (non-cubist) monstrosity in America. Here’s hoping the property taxes suck the guy dry.

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