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  • Daniel

    Interesting but that price (if accurate) seems very optimistic. Probably will be a tough sell because it’s so unique.

  • Grrrowler

    I like the uniqueness of it, and I could see living in it. I think the modern interior would look better if more of the original architectural details were still intact. The interplay between the modern and the classical would make it more interesting. There is a church in Seattle that was converted to (smaller and much less expensive) condos, and I think they were more successful by keeping more original details, to the point of putting the original stained glass into sliding wood frames: http://liveatsanctuary.com/gallery/

  • WrteStufLA

    I “street walked” this property on google maps and it is truly situated as a “trophy” property. The way it’s circled by Pont Street Mews gives it a real sense of openness. Given its Kensington location, this could be an amazing property for the oligarch crowd. Man-o-man — why wasn’t I born the son of a plutocrat?!

  • Roberto Landi

    AMAZING !!! Love it

  • Alayna


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