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  • Daniel


  • Grrrowler

    First Yakima and now Fresno. We’re certainly touring the world’s most glamorous locales lately.

    I know it’s unfinished, but this place looks like it will be hideous when finished. Even then, if there were a chance it could be beautiful, you still couldn’t pay me enough to live in Fresno.

    • opinionfree

      My friend, please don’t waiver or hedge on this. It WILL BE hideous, when finished. The only way to save this one, is if a naked ass Miley Cyrus and her wrecking ball make a visit. Soon, real soon.

      • Grrrowler

        Can I have someone other than Miley Cyrus? Please? I appreciate her stance on marriage equality and other things, but the twerking. The twerking!

  • Brian

    Unlike Grrrowler, you COULD pay me enough to live in Fresno. Only not on that undersized, landlocked lot in that embarrassment of a megalomania mansion.

  • Grant

    Hello! I am a longtime resident on Van Ness, just down the street! The area is filled with many beautiful and unique homes, and it really is the best neighborhood in town. However, over the past few years the newer construction has brough the typical ‘moc med McMansion’ look, much to the dismay of people who have been in the area 10+ years. This builder is Concord Construction. They are known around town for their very Persian Palace style oh home, typical over 10 thousand square feet. This home is definitely around 15K, and hopefully the landscaping will make it a little more bearable :). I will try and update pics as the construction proceeds!!

  • Tony

    This looks similar to that large home in Pasadena, but the quality doesn’t look as nice.

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