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  • Ron

    You badly need quality interior decorators in the US! 🙂 I don’t think I’d be able to enjoy dinner in the dining room with that wallpaper surrounding me.

  • Jason

    wow- the house doesn’t seem to have been updated since it was completed n the mid 70’s. it’s very bold, but I like most of the interior design. even the over the top wall paper which is probably hand painted Gracie. According to a biography I have on Wallace Neff- this was done towards the twilight of his career when true classicism was out of favor. I think he deftly managed to straddle Georgian Revival style sifted thru Regency and streamlined in Modernism. I hope someone buys it with the understanding that Neff is one of the most regarded architects from California and doesn’t pull down the house for some ugly Richard Landry nonsense.

  • Daniel

    The room sizes and proportions are gorgeous and so are some of the details, but yeah…1970 for sure. The front of the home is also very cold looking. Looks like a funeral home. Rear is much more successful. Desperately needs a freshening.

  • Grrrowler

    I’m not at all fond of the exterior. I like some elements, like the row of french doors along the back, and I appreciate that Neff was trying to make something that fit with current fashion in the 1970s. But, it still looks very dated. Inside, the room sizes and dimensions look practically perfect. The oval entrance hall is spectacular. With a much refreshed interior this will be beautiful.

  • opinionfree

    I would argue that using the word ‘Historic’ on a place constructed in 1970’s is perhaps, pushing the limits (all things considered). I’m sure dissecting this home would be a hoot and a half, but lets cut to the chase. It’s on three buildable parcels. The milk in my frig has a longer shelf life than this house, after it’s bought.

    • Jason

      the large lot size (7 acres) did make me think that it was suitable for subdivision into three 2+ acres sites. plenty big in Bel Air for an estate. I hope for one big restoration/renovation project and two new builds if it does come to it.

  • Keith

    I can appreciate this property for what it is — a significant work by a respected architect in a beautiful setting, and seemingly priced correctly.

    I also agree with several of the comments about its décor needing updating.

    All in all, if I were going to spend $75 million on a property to live in or redevelop, it would not be this one.

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