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  • Mak

    I was totally enthralled with this place until I hit the pics of the shop, as well as the tavern room. Totally unnecessary, and completely out of character.

    Otherwise, I love it.

  • Limedaiquar

    I’m sure this looked way better before “Jeffrey Beer” got his hands on it. Oh lawd

  • Eric

    Going through this was a bit of a shocker to me..
    I LOVE historical houses and buildings. And going through the photos, over and over I kept thinking “Stunning! Beautiful! The Stone work! The detail! The dark dark wood, the rich colors the-

    And then I hit the kitchen…

    Where to even BEGIN!
    I mean, does ANY cook out there think that hanging what seems to be twenty pounds worth of DEAD WEEDS above your work area is a good idea? YE GODS! I cannot begin to describe how much that creeps the health nut in me out. The BUGS that could be living in there! The little “bits” drifting down onto food.

    And then I come across what seems to be a small Town in the basement? I mean, who wakes up one day and says “I know what I need! I want a mock Paris street in my basement! YEAH!

    Never before Have I found such a “love Hate” house.
    The parts I love I deeply DEEPLY Love! I find them wonderfully stunning!
    And the parts I hate, ERGH! I hate with a burning passion!

    • Bill in NY

      The health nut in you has little to worry about. All that flora in the kitchen is commercially dried and preserved. No “little bits” would waft down. And the bugs would hardly notice it. 50 years from now it will look the same as it does now.
      Having said that, I agree that hanging over the work station of a kitchen is the wrong place for such decoration. As a professional chef that is the first thing I would “86”.

      • Teddi

        It’s a dust trap. Nothing like that should be hanging over the food prep and eating areas. Nothing like that should be in a kitchen, period. Real or not, dried or fake, all the dust, oils, and smells get trapped up in there. Unless someone cleans them every other day.

  • Will

    Over $100,000 in taxes for this home. Wow.

    And if I researched correctly, the current owner of this home is Natale Conti, who is affiliated with international company Conti Corp.

  • Daniel

    I guess the decorator doesn’t believe in the ‘less is more’ philosophy. That crap hanging from the ceiling is going to spontaneously combust one day.

  • Grrrowler

    The house is great, and the decor could be fixed (by throwing away every soft good and loose piece of furniture). What I can’t get past is the Parisian ghost town in the basement.

    • Mak

      Inorite? I just don’t get that at all. Who are they entertaining down there? What’s the purpose of having a candy store with a counter? If I wanted candy, do I have to pay for it? What about those ice cream shop tables…is there someone who cleans up after I’ve had my ice cream? Do they have an employee living down in a fake tenement above the store? Perhaps they have a whole bunch of illegal french immigrants living down there. And why are there fake windows with all sorts of goods on display in them. What’s with the tavern that has booths? Do they have a waitress down there and table service? Or do you pretend to hbe a bartender, serve your own table, and then what? Clean it yourself?

      Almost like something from The Walking Dead…creepy creepy creepy.

    • Teddi

      That cafe/pub/restaurant is the worst. It’s set up like an actual restaurant with the booths far apart from each other. The point of restaurant seating is to keep patrons away from each other and to give each party their privacy. But this is in a house. I assume any get-together held in there you’d want the opposite. You’d want to keep the guests together not in avoidance. I just don’t get it that type of seating in a home. I guess I’m clueless and missing a piece of the puzzle there.

  • rob

    Throw everything out and start again.

  • matt

    loveeeee this house. Perfect in every way

  • opinionfree

    It looks like it might have started as a Dutch Colonial or Tudor. Somewhere along the timeline, Mother Goose and her French Hobbits took up residence. It would make a lovely children’s doll house.
    I can’t imagine any straight guy living in there comfortably.

    • AR

      Opinionfree- Is that why you’re a self-proclaimed “boy-lover”? as King Leonidas would say//

      Slither back into the bushes you sleek, shabby snake..for dawn emerges, and you will be torched back into the depths of hell. You writhing, wriggling, worm. Hush as the winds of fate carry you to the bitter end, you raunchy staunchy gauntlet of glib.

      • opinionfree

        Well it warms my cockles your not letting that newly minted GED go to waste. I’ve always loved me some good gladiator references. Sounds like you do to…

        • AR

          too* ..idiot. Glad your cockles are warm..

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    The exterior says I am a cozy place, but a lot of the interior does have some resemblance of a hunting lodge. The color along with some of the furniture gives that feeling.

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